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Great Holiday Shopping Tips

1. Only spend what you have. If you are shopping atstores then pay cash and if you are shopping online set a credit limitand pay it off in full when you get your bill. 2. Price check.The internet makes it so easy to compare sites and stores out therebefore you buy what you are looking for. 3. Start now and putthings away. I always start at the end of summer and put things away.This way you do not feel it so hard financially. 4. Make a listof who you are getting gifts for and what you plan to get them. Do notjust go out to a store or go on a site and get items randomly. Talk toyour relatives about gift giving for the holiday season. For example,my family has all agreed that it will all be about the kids this year.No adults will be getting each other gifts – it is about the grandkids,nieces and nephews. Of course my husband and I will exchange gifts butextended family will be all about the kids. 5. Why not becreative and make your own gifts. I made beautiful Swarovski crystaljewelry last year for my relatives and they loved it. If I would havebought the jewelry I made in the specialty stores I would have spent$100’s of dollars on them. If you have special talents then when notuse it! 6. Know where to shop online – if you are looking for that trendy Elmo doll or those adorable Playmobil Toysthen go to toy sites that are going to cater to kids. Do not just go tothat generic website that sells everything from food to clothing totoys. And always find those discounts and coupon codes…they are outthere but you have to search for them. If you are shopping online thereare also ways to make money as well with cash back rewards usingcertain credit cards. Always check for shipping charges and be sure tolook at the return policies. 7. Think about next year….create afund or a special savings account. Or even put all your daily sparechange in a jar. That really does add up quite a bit.

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