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Maternal Affection

My momma at one time recounted to me that when she delivered me it was the gladdest, most memorable day of her whole lifetime. I found it silly being aware of the fact that virtually every minute we would shout out for her to set stuff for us, even as simple as getting an incremental blanket because were too sluggish to obtain it ourselves. There was also a time when I witnessed my momma manage several things instantly and how uneasy she was doing it that I hoped I would never become a mother myself someday. I mean, who would desire to have a 24 hour job with no breaks, day-offs, vacations and worst, a delayed salary? And all the time you have to deal with hard-headed kids and never-ending household tasks. So what makes a mom?What features do you have to hold in order to be addressed as a mommy? Are mothers really that extraordinary for them to have their own annual festivity? Enquiries such as the latter are what kept pestering me because I did not know the exact reply.Amusing as it may seem `coz in the end I became a mom myself. Beneath are the things I have come to realize while undergoing motherhood."Its Okay Mommy's Here" always works like a charm when trying to make your kids stop crying; Mothers have the only pretty face in existence; Hearing the phrase "Mother Knows Best" either means "I told you so" or you have to get some sort of approval from your mom about a particular matter.Most of all,  being a mom means being the sole light in the household when there is dark, a source of happiness when there is sadness, where hope comes from when there is hopelessness, the ultimate source of love. Because being a mother involves a bundle of emotions that most of the time defy reason.Because being a mother means giving life but not living it for your children, it means teaching them things but not learning it for them, letting them know whats right from wrong but not deciding it for them, it means giving them freedom but at the same time not be accountable for them. Despite your children taking the path that you least like in life, a mother should be supporting them every step they take. Being is a mother is to always be present despite the pain. Once can never cease to be a mother.Courage. The main trait one has to exhibit in order to be called a real mother is courage. And why are mothers so special  because they can take the place of all other people but then expect nothing in return. And why are they so important to be remembered  because they brought you into this world and even gave up theirs so you can be happy.I know this for a fact because I have the very same wonderful person in my life with me right now, my mother. Now that I am a mother my self, the best part of my life is in fact my children who values me and I will love them wholeheartedly forever.

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