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The Affordable, Elegant Lavender Sachet at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching.But what do we do about all those gifts?To give a gift to everyone would not be feasible. But why can’t it be?  With lavender sachets, it is not only feasible, it is practical and affordable.Wouldn’t it be nice to give a gift to all the folks you work with. To give a gift to those with whom you have shared a pleasant year, having established that closeness which only comes from working side by side for a prolonged period of time.  You might even want to give a gift to some who you are not so close to, purely as a gesture of good will.How about your family?  Some families are quite large.  And that Christmas get together can be quite daunting, when everyone in the family meets at a specified place, and you feel that tug way down in your soul to give something.It would be nice to give something.We go to church, and over time, fall in love with a whole other family.  And after spending so much time with other choir members (especially by the time you have performed your Christmas Cantata), it would seem that to give something nice would be appropriate.  Of course there is your Sunday school class, Ladies Auxiliary, Drama, and so many other groups within the church.And this is only work, family and church.  There are so many other groups in our lives.  Your bowling partners, folks you quilt with (no, this is not yet a lost art), your scrap booking buddies, and we could go on and on.Perhaps you are still in school.  You spend so much time in class, that it is quite natural to build a certain rapport with your class mates.  With some, you will find a friendship that will last a lifetime.  With others, it is simply an understood acquaintance, yet there is a bond there all the same.With so many people in your life, it’s nice to be able to give something that won’t leave you penniless, paying off credit card debt for the next few years!That something is a lavender sachet.A lavender sachet is affordable.  A lavender sachet is nice, elegant, and classy.  And a lavender sachet’s allure will never fade.  Lavender sachets have endured the element of time, as they have been in existence for countless centuries.  And best of all, you can never have too many lavender sachets. You can purchase inexpensive 3x4 organza lavender sachets, which still enjoy all the wonderful fragrance of the more expensive lavender sachets.  So whether you want to spend a little more on a closer friend, or maybe you want to be a bit more conservative for the larger number of people in your life, you simply cannot go wrong.Now just imagine the last day of work before Christmas.  As you meet your other co-workers throughout the day, you slip a lavender sachet into their hand, or leave one at their desk.  On the Sunday before Christmas, you give a lavender sachet to all those you love.And what makes these gifts so unique is the personalized tag tied to each one, with a Merry Christmas from you, which will not be forgotten for many years to come!Who knows, giving out lavender sachets could even become a tradition.

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