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Baby Gifts: Do You Go For The Baby Keepsake Gift or Something More Day To Day?

Chances are, a sense of panic might set in when you’re asked to attend a one-year olds birthday party. I mean, it’s hard enough to buy a gift for your friend and you’ve known him or her for twenty years. Getting a gift for your friend’s baby though, well, you don’t even know where to start. What can a one-year-old use? What does he or she want? What’s safe? Do you select from a selection of baby keepsake gifts? Do you go with a book even though they don’t read? Or what about clothes? It sounds like a great idea until you realize they can only wear them for a few weeks until they outgrow them. What are you to do? Unfortunately, there isn’t any full proof answer… but before you slam down your keyboard and pull out what is left of your hair, I will say that you have a few options that will no doubt go over well with your friends (let’s face it, you want to outdo everyone else and get the best gift, right? Don’t lie…). My first bit of advice would be to skip clothing, unless you really know what you’re doing. It’s true that babies go through clothes like a sick person goes through tissues so unless you’re buying for at least six months in the future don’t even bother. Instead you might want to go for a gift card to a baby boutique so the parents can use the proper clothing. That way they don’t have to return any clothing that the baby has already outgrown. Another good route to go would be the book route. Now, before you go and buy the newest Tom Clancey novel, remember, the kid can’t read yet. Stick to picture books with colorful pictures (just look for the ones with thick pages) or basic books that a parent can read to their child. You know the kind: Dr. Seuss, Go Dog Go, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, etc. If you’re still out of ideas when it comes to what to buy, chances are a walk around a popular chain store will provide you with countless ideas. Chain stores usually have several full aisles dedicated to baby gifts… very, very cute baby gifts (advice: you usually can’t do wrong with a product featuring a cute animated hippo, elephant or giraffe). If that doesn’t work, there are always picture frames, mirrors, plates, and even puzzles. Or, if you really can’t decide a gift card will also do the trick, though the parents will probably just put it towards the purchase of a new flat screen TV or something like that.

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