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New Sofas Are the Way to Go

Sofas aren't like other pieces of furniture you have in your home. Oh no, these bad boys of the furniture world go way beyond your average recliner or regular old chair. They are big and heavy, last relatively long, and allow you to sit a lot of people. Or, if you have a hide-a-bed sofa, even sleep a couple people when needed. If you really think about it, sofas make modern living pretty comfortable and convenient. In this article I give an overview of some of the more popular styles for your consideration, and try to encourage buying a new sofa over used.Years ago I owned a used furniture store. It was always amazing to me what people would not only buy for their homes, but what they were willing to spend. I didn't mind at the time, but in looking back, I actually feel just a tinge guilty. I would routinely have people come in and buy sofas that had been used to the point where they really weren't all that comfortable anymore. They looked okay, but that's about it. Plus, they were willing to pay me hundreds of dollars for these little beauties. And thank my lucky stars when I would get in a used leather sofa in decent condition. Cha-ching!Sofas come in all sorts of styles, fabrics, and configurations. A small settee is just the thing if you need something short and small. Just a cute little place to sit and sort of lay down. Most opt for something larger. Sofas certainly come in those sizes as well. I've seen some monsters in my day that approach up to 12'. These are pretty unusual, but if you need a really big one you can find them. Upholstered sofas are probably second in popularity only to leather. Upholstery is nice because of all the colors and textures it is available in. Plus, it cleans up pretty easily with today's modern cleaners, steamers, and professional services.If you've ever had the joy of lifting one of those heavy sleeper sofas then you know what at chore those can be. But, even though they are super heavy and cumbersome, they fill an important need. If you don't have lots of extra room in your house or apartment, and have a need to give guests, or others, a place to crash for the night then you would really benefit from having one of these. The modern versions have mattresses in them that are actually quite comfortable. Remember those old dogs from years ago that always seemed to have a bar of some sort that would plague you all night. I don't know about you, but I can do without a night trying to sleep on a metal bar in the middle of my back. Sofas like that should be, as Descartes would say, "committed to the flames".If you are looking at sofas to buy, please do yourself a favor and buy a brand new one. They really are not that much more than a quality used one. Don't be fooled by a clean appearance. Really check out the cushions and see how much life they have.  And don't forget the underlying structure. Sometimes the frame is so worn or even broken that the couch isn't worth anything at all. These should be tossed. Go for sofas that are either in like-new condition, or actually get a new one. If you can afford it a new one is the way to go.

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