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What's it like to be a Heavy Rigid Driver?

 What is a heavy rigid driver and what do they do?A heavy rigid truck driver is someone who drives large vehicles such as semi-trailers which have been loaded up with heavy loads weighing over 16 tonnes. This person will have many responsibilities including lifting objects by themselves or using cranes depending on what they're carrying in their load. These drivers work different hours depending on where they're located geographically and because this job requires them to be away from home often, it is important that you find somewhere close enough so that family members can visit easily if needed. To become a Heavy Rigid Driver, you will need to have a current heavy vehicle license and follow a heavy rigid training in Melbourne. You will also need to have held your class C or higher licence for at least two years and have completed an accredited Heavy Vehicle Training Package (HVTP) course that has been approved by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). Once you've completed this, then you're ready to start looking for work. This is without doubt one of the most rewarding jobs in Australia today because it's secure employment with many companies who are always on the lookout for new drivers. If you like driving long distances every day while enjoying great views around some of Australia's most beautiful locations, then why not give truck driving a go? It might be just what you're after. Whether they do their job independently or through a company, a truck driver's job involves driving and delivering goods from one location to another. The heavy rigid licence is the highest class of license available for trucks in Australia, allowing drivers to drive both rigid (containers) and semi-trailers that weigh more than 15 tonnes gross vehicle mass. Heavy rigids are generally used on long distance routes or carrying large loads over short distances because they cannot be easily unloaded at distribution centres without specialist equipment. The qualifications to be a heavy rigid driverThe qualifications required to become a heavy rigid truck driver include:At least three years’ experience driving trucks to the class of licence you are applying for. You must have an Australian unrestricted driver licence.Proof that you passed the Heavy Rigid training in Melbourne within six months before your application is submitted, unless it was done through another approved provider at any time in your life prior to this period.A Medical Certificate stating that you meet all medical requirements applicable. This certificate must be obtained from an accredited doctor with specialist qualifications relevant to traffic medicine. How long does it take to become a heavy rigid driver?Becoming a heavy rigid truck driver can take around 18 months. It is recommended that you speak with an industry representative before you apply for your licence to make sure it's the best option for you. What are the benefits of being a heavy rigid driver?Heavy rigid truck drivers can obtain many benefits such as flexible working hours, the ability to make their own decisions about what they do and how much work they carry out. They can earn a great salary as well as receiving benefits such as superannuation. These drivers get paid for the number of hours they work and are not paid overtime. The dangers of being a truckerThere are also many dangers to the job which include driving in busy traffic, having to drive long hours and working away from home for many days at a time. These drivers are also required to follow strict rules about their driving including speed limits and must stick closely to the road laws. Some of these dangers include fatigue due to being unable to get enough sleep while on the job as well as getting involved in accidents with other vehicles or pedestrians if not careful. They can also injure themselves by using machinery which is dangerous if used incorrectly such as chainsaws or scaffolding equipment. Although there are some risks that come with this job, it does have its benefits along with being very rewarding career choice for people who enjoy physical work outdoors without sitting behind a desk all day long. Things you should know about driving trucks for workIf you are thinking of becoming a heavy rigid truck driver then you should know about some of the things you will be dealing with in this line of work. Not only are there good aspects to being a heavy rigid truck driver but also bad ones as well. For example, when driving trucks, it is important that you keep your vehicle clean at all times to avoid paying fines if caught by traffic police for having an unclean truck. Although most people don't think twice about who cleans their car or company vehicles that they drive, certain jobs require specific tasks before and after working hours which can include cleaning up any dirt or mud from tyre tracks on surfaces where other cars have parked so it doesn't ruin anyone's day because otherwise, they will receive a penalty. It is also a very tough job to be a truck driver. It is very hard on the body because it takes time to build up the muscles needed to handle such large vehicles that are difficult to manoeuvre at times, especially when driving uphill or downhill and requires great strength in order to maintain control of the vehicle through any weather conditions. Driving heavy rigid trucks can also be dangerous if you don't follow certain safety guidelines like stopping fully before entering an intersection so your trailer doesn't swing out into other lanes causing accidents, checking tyre pressure regularly for better grip while turning corners, making sure you're not fatigued after long hours behind the wheel which could lead to mistakes happening more easily than usual etc. Heavy Rigid drivers should always make sure they stay alert during their shift as well as when driving through the night. This is because night driving can be more deadly than during the day due to reduced visibility and fatigue.

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