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Natural manganese powder

 Natural manganese powder processing needs less equipment investments. The process is simple and easy to spread. It is developed rapidly after 1970. The annual production reached 1.33 million tons. With the construction development, production increased year by year. And it exceeded 20 million tons in 1974. In 1980, it reached 63,600 tons. It was 126,900 tons in 1989 with a record level. At the end of 1990, there are 13 major metal powder suppliers in China. The natural manganese powder can be divided into chemical manganese, discharge manganese and manganese carbonate powder according to the use of raw materials. In Guangxi, there are not enterprises who are in the production of manganese carbonate powder. The natural chemical manganese production with national standards: the products are divided into grade 1 to 6. Natural discharge manganese dioxide produced using the corporate standard, the products are divided into one to four. Natural manganese powder processing, the production process is relatively simple, the main raw material preparation, milling, packing three processes. The natural chemical raw materials of manganese-containing soft manganese ore or manganese dioxide grade greater than 50% of hard manganese ore, natural battery manganese beneficiation-qualified battery manganese sub-sand. Qualified manganese oxide shipped to the mine Ping, selected by the artificial hand, and then dried in the sun or drying, moisture 5-6%, in the final heap electric rake or loader brought into the ore bin to be grinding. Milling is the main process for natural manganese powder’s production. And the process for dry ore is released from the ore bin, scraper conveyors, bucket elevators, and transportation (distribution) to the hanging roller mill (commonly known as lemon) feeder ore lemon machine, after hanging roller rotating grinding, grind the ore transported to the exhaust fan negative pressure wind gale package small wind bag, ore gravity sedimentation in the end, and then gravity to loaded hopper. Hanging roller mill generally selects the 4R3126. Its host speed is 130 rev / min and the grinding ring is 970 mm in diameter. It is 35 mm for feed size and the product size is 0.044-0.125 mm. The main motor’s power is about 40 kilowatts. The total power is 84 kilowatts am the output is 1-3 tons per hour. The dimensions is 4900 × 7800 × 10 600 mm while total weight is 14.2 tons.Source:http://www.mhcmp.com

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