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Christmas Weddings Can Save Time And Money

Christmas weddings allow couples to lower their costs and be part of one of the happiest times of the year. Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times of ones life. A budget is many times a large factor when planning a wedding; Why not choose Christmas season, to marry the love of your life? It could save you time and money. I had the wonderful experience of planning a wedding during Christmas and learned very quickly, there are many opportunities for creative and cost effective ideas. During Christmas season, many venues for weddings, such as churches, family member's homes, restaurants and even public parks are already adorned, with beautiful decorations.To help when selecting colors for your beautiful day, in case you have not seen your venue decorated at Christmas time previously, ask your wedding venue to see some of their Christmas decor. If that is not an option, ask if they could tell you the colors they will be using. You would be surprised at those that do not use the typical Christmas color palette. This will help when choosing attire and flower bouquets to be used in the wedding. While planning a Christmas wedding on a budget I learned several tips I would like to share, so you can save time and money. There are so many options for holding a wedding during Christmas that would probably already be decorated, such as your church, your family's home, a restaurant or a public park. While most venues will already be decorated beautifully for Christmas, you may still want to add some of your own personal touches. Having a Christmas wedding allows you the opportunity to utilize decorations you, and your family or friends may have around the house, such as white strands of lights to be used around the wedding venue, wreaths to adorn church pews or reception tables, candles and even fresh greens cut from Christmas trees that could also be used. A great way to pull together wreaths that are not matching is to add a matching ribbon to each. Christmas ornaments are also a way to add some beautiful textures and colors to a table or Christmas tree. If you would like to add flowers to your Christmas wedding ceremony, Poinsettias would be a great alternative to flower arrangements. Poinsettias are in season during Christmas and readily available. Poinsettias are bright red flowers that would add to any Christmas d?cor and are an inexpensive alternative.When planning a reception along with a wedding, considering the time of the event is a key factor to saving money. Adjusting your time to accommodate etiquette and avoid serving a full meal is a huge money saver. Early afternoon weddings are great, because you could avoid serving an expensive full mean and during Christmas season, this could be Christmas cookies, candies and cakes, along with hot cider and cocoa. To add your own personal touch you could bake them yourself or use the local bakery. Christmas is one of the liveliest times of the year, with the beautiful colors, twinkling lights, and wonderful smells. A Christmas wedding is a great opportunity to utilize venues that are already decorated and allows you to save time and money.

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