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Recycling Cards and Calendars

PostcardsCutepostcards can be made from old greeting cards. Just cut the fronts tothe size required for mailing. On the reverse, draw a line verticallydown the centre. Write a message to the left of the line and theaddress to the right. Heavyweight cards are best. Avoid cards that arethin or flimsy.EnvelopesUse calendar pages to makebeautiful envelopes. Carefully take apart an existing envelope in thesize desired and use to make a template from cardstock or heavy paper.Trace around the template on the back of the calendar pages. Cut, foldand glue. Use white self-adhesive labels to ensure that the address isreadable.Gift BoxesTurn greeting cards into gift boxes.Cut apart at the fold. Turn the front over. Draw an X from corner tocorner. Draw a line down each side 2.5cm from edge and cut on theselines from the ends to where the side lines intersect the X lines.Foldthe sides up on the lines and the ends up at the depth of the cut. Foldthe ends of each side in. Fold the end flaps over these pieces and glueor tape to secure. Repeat process with card back for box bottom.

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