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Chinese manganese power can not replace imports of manganese power

Many of them began to get involved in the downstream manganese production. Even some manufactures who know little about manganese squeezed in the industry. Although economic crisis rages in madness from 2008, operating rates of manganese powder industry has no significant signs of decay. Downstream applications industry is slowly warmer. The manganese enterprise has put great effort in the corner to make a back thrust in the market. They need to seize the market as soon as possible, so well pre-fully prepared for investment in production equipment and technology, cost, waiting for the best time to come to a sudden attack to the titanium dioxide market. Thus, domestic manganese was virtually opened the competition curtain in the production and output. According to the manganese industry to put the battle, it is expected that about 2 years, China proposed construction or expansion projects will be over 400 thousand tons. Plus foreign manganese giant human resource cost advantages and market potential in China did not give up the idea of local plant, no doubt to the increasingly fierce competition the manganese market planted a time bomb, China's manganese business is in danger under the strong competing pressure. The production of manganese products, China is a global producer countries, supply advantage with foreign slowly revealed, but the core technology of the production of manganese are still groping and trial stage, failed to manganese enterprise unique advantages, few manganese enterprises able to skillfully use the core technology to make its process stand out. On the contrary, the manganese powder processes do not have big difference for Chinese metal powder supplier. Because of the same technology parallel interludes, it results in homogenization intensifies. They do not fundamentally improve the quality of the manganese product. They make the final competition focused on price competitions. Obviously, product quality of most manufactures can only hover in the low end. China industry can not provide the high-grade manganese powder products. So realization of the dream to replace the importing import will take more time. China should adjust manganese product structure and have optimization or upgrading. It needs to go towards the direction of high-end and dedicate. Thus it can break the monopoly of imported manganese products and dominate the Chinese high-end market.Source:http://www.mhcmp.com

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