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Objet's Digital Material

3D printing is a very fascinating technology in my opinion,and it is beginning to lead quite a few industries with its manufacturingcapabilities. This technology is allowing for the creation of almost any shape.Pretty much anything can be created through 3D printing. If it can be designedon a computer, it can likely be manufactured! Organic shapes are very possible.Creating curves and twists is more than a possibility. Hollow spaces is also apossibility, and quite a few artists are taking care of these features. As wellas the shapes, 3D printing offers great detail levels in some machines andmaterials. The levels of detail in some situation involve a fraction of thediameter of a human hair. As in less than 20 microns. The possibilities withthis technology are just through the roof! There are just so many options whenit comes down to creating… well… anything. If it can be designed on a computer,it can likely be created through 3D printing.  Various materials have risen up out of this technology.People have been using various nylons, thermoplastics, and metals. Materialssuch as stainless steel, cobalt chrome, Inconel, ABS plastic, glass fillednylon, PA 2200, glass, rubber like materials, high detail materials, andtemperature resistant materials are all coming through. There are over 60.  Actually, there are well over 100. Objet recently launched aprinter that can print 14 materials in one print. Essentially, there are only afew actual “raw” materials, probably less than 20. These materials can beblended together within the machine, to create different materials. Thesematerials offered by Objet offer quite a few capabilities. Some of thesematerials are flexible, and have a rubber like feel to them. Many of them offervarious colors on the print. Typically, these colors revolve around greys,greens, and light blues. Regardless, there is some variety in material color.High temperature materials are definitely in place within this printingprocess. In the end though, there are over 100 materials that can be chosenstrictly through one objet printer. One printer has this kind of capability.Imagine where this technology is heading? Imagine when the printers of thefuture offer EVERY material in the entire 3D printing arsenal. Imagine beingable to create virtually anything out of almost any material, all within onesingle print. This allows for a wide variety of capabilities. 3D Printing isalready very significant for the possibility to create virtually any shape,curve, hollow space, and even functional parts. This technology can alreadycreate some seriously unique products and prototypes. Now imagine adding over100 materials to that arsenal.  The world is changing for the better, particularly in themanufacturing world. 3D printing is definitely not going anywhere, it isbeginning to exponentially expand. Stocks are becoming much more expensive,many companies are getting investors, and this technology is gaining in itsstature. Some seriously amazing technology is rising out of this world of 3Dprinting. Imagine where this technology is going to go within the next 10years. 

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