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Austin Colocation Centers Offer Commercial Internet Access

Blended networks also allow employees who work offsite toaccess programs and servers swiftly. This enables business to be conductedprofessionally and efficiently regardless of where an employeeis located. It also means that with a blended network at an Austin colocationfacility, even in the event of a disaster, business can continue on as usual.This is true even if an employee cannot make it to the traditional officespace.Various Choices in Commercial Internet:There are different sorts of commercial Internet that mightbe available at any one Austin collocation center. The ideal center would offerall of the following options:·        T1 internet, which is able to transmit data upto a rate of 1.544 megabytes per second (mbps) in either an upload or downloadscenario. This type of connection is a solid choice for a company with 50employees or less and has steady Internet traffic. This is usually a reasonablypriced option and can fit into most budgets.·        T3 Internet offers a data transfer rate of 45 mbps.Larger companies who utilize a lot of high-bandwidth will find this solution tobe the best choice. Video conferencing for employees who work remotely works smoothlyon this type of network.·        If a company requires fast, high-bandwidthtransfers of 100 mbps, a Metro Ethernet service is the best solution. An Austincolocation center Metro Ethernet service would allow employees to quickly moveextremely large amounts of data to and from the servers.Redundancy equals ReliabilityInternet access can drop at an alarming rate, and this is justduring day-to-day usage. If an error occurs at any point between a company and anetwork provider, Internet services stop. If a company were to host all of its serversin-house, a situation like this would mean the company is cut off. Itcompletely loses contact with its customers and remote employees. Most Internetoutages do not last long. However, in the case of a large-scale disaster, thedowntime could be hours or even days. This amount of offline time spellsdisaster for any business.An Austin colocation facility can provide a redundant,blended network to its clients. This gives a measure of reliability that asingle business simply cannot get on its own. These redundant networks employthe services of a number of carriers. This means that if one or two carriers godown, there is another standing by to manage all the data needs a company requires.For a business, this means that its customers can access it any day, at anytime, under any circumstance.

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