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7 Crystals to Keep in Your Car

When we say crystals are for everyone and everywhere, we actually mean it. With our progressive life, we are spending most of our day out. And yes we can’t bring our healing crystals everywhere. But how about learning about the crystals to keep in your car?Learning about the crystals to hang in the car for protection, for a stress-free drive, and controlling anger. If you are already aware of the healing power of the crystals, you would have no questions on how these crystals can help you. And if you are not aware, well this article is just for you.Here are 7 crystals to keep in your car. You will be learning about protection crystals for cars, crystals for comfort, crystals to reduce your stress, and also the crystals that control anger and avoid fights.Let’s get started.7 Crystals To Keep In Your CarBlack ObsidianMindset is one of the most important things when one is driving a car. That is why keeping our emotions grounded, and focusing on the road is extremely important. And when it comes to grounding, keeping our emotions in check, and feeling safe Black Obsidian turns out to be the best option.Black TourmalineThere is no better stone than black tourmaline in the list of crystals to keep in the car for protection. It is a stone known to remove negativity, keep us in our senses, activate our root chakra, and help us keep our focus on the road.Not only does it keep you safe from accidents but the stone also ensures that you stay out of trouble as well. This could be helping you make the right choice and drive safely. To ensure the safety of your loved ones, you can buy crystals to hang in a car which at the same time will look like a great car accessory.Clear QuartzYou know how dangerous it is to drive when you are in rage or are emotionally unstable. Those emotions are negative energy that one must keep away. That is when clear quartz crystal can come in handy.It is one of the most powerful healing crystals that is proven to rebalance our energies, ensuring negativity is away. Moreover, clear quartz is also known as the master healer.So if you go out on a ride looking to get over your past by riding around the country, you just found your companion. HowliteThe next on the list of crystals to keep in your car is the Howlite. It is among the stones that are known for its property to keep people calm and collected. If you are often traveling with passengers, in your car, Howlite stone can surely be a source of positive energy that people would love to be around. It shares a sense of happiness, comfort, and security within the people around the stone.Tiger EyeTiger eye is a stone for leaders and in the case of crystals to keep in your car, it's for the person who drives. Tiger eye stone is a stone that provides strength in tough situations, shares intuitions of the future, and helps you predict the situation to avoid or make better decisions.AmethystAmethyst is one of the most popular crystals to keep in your car, home, office, and probably everywhere. It is among the most powerful crystal for positivity that helps us stay motivated, aware, and contained. At the same time, this is a crystal to keep in your car for protection from negative energy and planned tragedies.TurquoiseFor some weird reason, not feeling like driving or stepping out of your place? This could be a sign of your heart repelling evil energies. To help you stay safe, you can always carry Turquoise crystals in your car. The stone has the power to enhance your ability to repel the negative energy and while also generating a positive aura to comfort you.Which is the best crystal to keep in your car?We have shared 7 crystals to keep in your car, and the choice is entirely yours. All the crystals are for your protection, and to enhance the sense of comfort and calm in you. But whatever you choose, make sure you take good care of it and believe in the energy you sense. Until next time - peace out! 

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