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The Video Discovery iPhone App

Eduardo Saverin. Sounds familiar? He is one of the 4 co-founders of Facebook. Currently, he is backing a mobile video app called Vidyou. Originally named Denso, Vidyou is a mobile way that allows you to discover, watch and share new videos in a way similar to that of the popular article reading app Flipboard.Vidyou (Free)App Store | App Store Ratings: 4.5/5 | My Ratings: 4/5Vidyou is a Flipboard style iPhone useful app where you canview videos from many professional video sources around the world. In Vidyou, you can also link your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Google Reader account and view videos from these accounts conveniently. If you like a video, a simple thumbs up function allows you to share the videos with your friends in both Facebook and Twitter.InterfaceIt has an easy to navigate interface with video feeds displayed in the form of pictures similar to that of Flipboard. In comparison to newly designed iPhone apps nowadays, Vidyou’s interface doesn’t look as nice but it is simple and easy to use.ChannelsIn Vidyou, you can discover and share videos from a wide variety of channels all over the world. The categories of channels that are currently available include: Your country News Tech Science Movies Business Sports Gaming Living Kids Comedy Cool Celebrity International Health Art Travel Style Education Animation Politics Nature InterestingWithin these categories, there are more specific types of channels that you can discover and view new videos. This allows you to watch the videos that you are interested in more conveniently and faster.Watch Later & TrendingIn times where you happen to be browsing through the channels and do not have time to watch the videos that you want, there is the “Watch Later” function where you can favorite videos to watch them later. In addition, there is a trending category where you can watch the most popular videos that other people are currently watching.

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