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The prospects for the development of deep processing of manganese metal industry

Traditional manganese powder processing equipment are ball mill, high pressure roller mill and vertical mill etc. Rupture with the airflow pulverization technology introduction and independent development, high-speed jet mill as a new type of grinding equipment, provided technical conditions for the metal manganese ultrafine grinding particles in the high pressure air under the impact of colliding with each other, to obtain the particle size small (1 to 5um), narrow particle size distribution, particle rule, the activity of the powder, especially the deep processing of products of electronic-grade manganese, worthy of attention and research. Also taken in the production of wet preparation of manganese products stirred mill, milling equipment crushed manganese metal in pure water medium, made of paste or suspension, be directly applied to the production. Equipment selection, the manufacturing process of oxidation and explosion-proof once restricted the development of manganese powder processing, and technical studies relating to obtain a new breakthrough, provided technical support for large-scale industrial production. South Africa is a major producer of manganese powder, and developed a comprehensive quality standards. In recent years, China has manganese exports and domestic sales of manufacturing companies to develop; but breakdown products will take some time to adapt to market demand. Uniform quality standards to be formulated, at the same time, production safety and environmental management is also necessary to pay attention. With the development of the iron and steel smelting industry, the increasingly widespread application of flaky manganese. But there are still some large electric furnace operations in iron and steel enterprises, the quality of the manganese film is small and easily oxidized and difficult to apply the thermal production of manganese products less than some of the special steel quality requirements, use EMM preparation of metal manganese ingot is still a certain amount of market-based. Some companies use the intermediate frequency electric furnace, the EMM-chip molten slag, ingot broken into 20 ~ 100mm irregular lumps of manganese metal ingot products to sell. Because of its high energy consumption, low value-added, market demand tend to be small, the use of manganese metal piece production of tablet form of manganese products development is restricted, but many metal powder suppliers using low grade manganese production the product is still a deep-processing methods. Nitriding manganese also known as manganese nitride, nitrogen in the metal manganese in the form of manganese nitride and solid solution exists. Currently known nitriding manganese production processes are of three kinds: liquid metal manganese nitriding; powdery solid manganese powder nitriding and manganese powder and nitrogenous compounds bonding pressure roast sintering nitriding. Production nitriding manganese international use of solid-state nitride production process: manganese powder and manganese powder is placed in the furnace, access by preheated nitrogen gas at a certain temperature, a nitrogen content of 5 to 7 percent of the nitride manganese products. Manganese tetroxide industrial production began in the 1980s of the last century. Since 1995, China's rapidly development after realizing industrial production, and has a production capacity of 25000 T now, ranking first in the world. However, the product mainly to the general level, the market is mainly concentrated in China, and is saturated, but for the international market with high specific surface area, high purity and low selenium products still has more room for development, should become a research and development and processing of the mainstream direction. Manganese tetroxide manganese salt or manganese oxides obtained, but the industrialization of production in general oxidation process of electrolytic manganese metal powder suspension. Preparation of electronic-grade products by adjusting the dosage and speed of response, combined with the surfactant. Source: http://www.mhcmp.com

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