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Onkyo Home Theater System Review

At last, the video industry is beginning to realize that though it may put out the latest and greatest HDTVs in the world with the highest resolution rates, native 1080 p HDTV resolution, satellite and cable connections, blu-ray and other device interface capabilities, you need a device that can take all of those capabilities and tie them into one system like the Onkyo HT-S3400 Theater System.Onkyo's HT-S3400, like a similar device offered by Sony, lets you tie all pieces of your home entertainment together with a minimum of wires and with fine sound capabilities. For example, the HT-S3400 offers six-speaker full surround capability as it offers up to 110 watts of output power into 6 ohms. The distortion is 1 percent or less.That would be something, in itself if you were just hooking up a surround sound system, however, the Onkyo is like the glue holding the whole system together. For example, we found four HDMI inputs and 1 output port with HDMI support for 3D.Further, this device lets you tie things together so that like the Sony, there's only one return channel connection to the receiver. That return channel, though, supports DeepColor, x.v.Color, LipSync and more.In order to ensure that everything places together nicely, the Onkyo offers a real remote with on-screen menu that allows you to customize and tailor each output to your own needs.For example, you will find you can set the HD audio decoding, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Master Audio and DVD/AVD.That Onkyo has done its homework is easily seen by the fact that it is compatible with Toshiba's proprietary Audyssey sound EQ system so you can set the system's loudness for each particular device or devices.Since it has the ability to interface so many devices, you will be able to tie in your blu-ray player, total immersion 3D Smart Shutter eyeglass system. Hooking them all together is as simple as using the right hookup cable as there's not only the HDMI ability but you will also find digital and analog inputs in the front of the Onkyo so that you can tie your camcorder or another source into the system so that everything can be set to work correctly after tweaking things a bit.One feature many will find especially, not only surprising, but also a great bonus is the Onkyo's Universal Port that allows you to bring in your iPod/iPhone dock and audio files.Overall, the Onkyo recognized a need and it filled it. Now it's likely the rest of the market will be playing catchup as Onkyo still allows you to tie together so many sources into one system.Perhaps the most important feature for most will be the on-screen video setup menu that is available thanks to the full remote control device. It's a nice thought and makes it much easier to adjust things - much easier - when all is said and done.

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