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Reasons Why Smartphones Are A Privacy Nightmare

For many people looking for mobile phones for sale in Sri Lanka, the privacy it offers may be a problem. It is always good to be aware of the issues that could arise, so that you are ready when something happens. Here are a few of the more common privacy issues that you may across when using a mobile phone, together with some simple solutions to avoid them. Privacy Issue 1 The fact that your phone's microphone can be remotely activated without your knowledge or consent by an application installed on your phone or by a hacker who manages to break into your phone. Solution: Turn off all voice recognition features unless absolutely necessary; do not install any apps that request permission to use 'microphone'. Privacy Issue 2 Your phone stores all your personal information, including sensitive data. Storing your personal information on your phone can cause a lot of problems if it gets into the wrong hands. Solution: Lock down access to sensitive data on your phone and limit what you store in general by using password protection and encryption. Privacy Issue 3 You can be tracked with GPS technology that is built into most smartphones. Most people think this location tracking is not really a problem however the reality is that location tracking can be used for a lot of things that are not always the right ones. Solution: Turn off location services when you do not need to use them. You should also never share your location with others unless it is necessary. For example, if you are meeting someone at a place then sharing the address would make sense but otherwise there isn't any reason why you would need to share your location. Privacy Issue 4 There is a risk of having personal data scraped by an app or even malware that can scrape contact lists, calendar events and more to send spam emails on your behalf. Solution: Use the basic apps that come with your phone for contacts and calendars as these are likely less targeted than other options you might find in the Play Store or Apple App Store. If you really want to use something outside of these then make sure it's from a trusted developer who has been around for years rather than someone new with no reviews yet, because this reduces the chance, they will be collecting information about you without telling anyone else what they are doing with your data. Privacy Issue 5 Your smartphone tracks everywhere you go. Solution: Make sure that location services are turned off unless you're using a map or something similar. This will stop your smartphone from tracking everywhere you go and also save on battery life as it won't have to use up power keeping the GPS active all the time. Privacy Issue 6 Mobile apps track what you type, even if it's not in an app. Solution: A lot of mobile apps that require access to your device can collect data about everything that is typed into them even when they aren't open, showing how dangerous these permissions can be for privacy needs. If this bothers you then uninstall any one of these apps immediately because there is no way for them to secure their own information without some major changes being made by developers themselves. Privacy Issue 7 Smartphones are constantly under attack from viruses and malware, which makes them a privacy nightmare. Solution: To avoid these issues entirely, never download an app or give permissions to an application unless you know exactly what they do and how they work. If there's no explanation given then don't install the app because most likely they're trying to take advantage of its users by stealing their private information for profit. Smartphones have a lot of bugs that can lead to hackers stealing your data. It is true that smartphones have a lot of vulnerabilities that can lead to your data being stolen. In 2017, over 45% percent of all apps available in the Google Play Store had at least one security issue which is pretty astounding when you think about it because this means hackers could easily access just about anything on your device with little effort.   Other issues related to mobile phone usage and privacy are: Companies like Facebook track everything you do online and sell it for profit - This is a bit of a controversial topic and it’s easy to see why. Companies like Facebook track everything you do online, from where you go on the internet, what websites you visit and how long your average time spent on these sites is for. They then sell this information to advertisers who use it as a way to target their advertisements at people much more accurately than ever before.   It's not always easy to delete the content from your phone if you want to get rid of it permanently - Permanent deletion of data from a smartphone is not always easy and may require you to do multiple steps, and still will not be 100% complete. It is more important than ever to learn how to protect your privacy when using a mobile device. You can start by making sure you have all of the right permissions on your phone, including location services and internet access. By making sure these little things are looked into, you can have a safe and secure experience when using mobile phones. So, if you are looking for mobile phones for sale in Sri Lanka, but are worried about the privacy issues that everyone is talking about, don’t be. There are many ways in which you can avoid these problems if you know how.  

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