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How To Promote A Clinic In A Small Town?

The current state of competition in the medical market is at a high level, and according to experts, it continues to grow. This applies not only to large and medium-sized cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, but also to small ones. Ten years ago, the situation in India was such that there were not many paid clinics; they were not particularly popular with the population. But now the situation has changed dramatically: private medical institutions have firmly established themselves in megalopolises, and began to confidently conquer the periphery. Hence the fact that clinics that are not engaged in their further promotion feel the outflow of clients to other clinics. This is especially noticeable in small towns, where the signs of medical institutions, seemingly recently opened, disappear, and new organizations appear in their place, often not related to medical services at all. Why is this happening? Business in a small town is built according to its own unwritten laws, and has a number of nuances: - leaders of organizations, as practice shows, often do not have professional management skills; - organizations pursue the goal of "momentary profit", without thinking about the prospect of their development; - the established and outdated thinking paradigm of managers back in the 90s of the last century does not allow them to objectively assess the situation on the market. Hence, any business innovation is perceived as hostile and with a great deal of misunderstanding (why do we need your promotion on the Internet? We are fine without it - we have advertisements in the newspaper). In the course of our work, we met such leaders who frankly did not understand why they should order the promotion of their site, or place information about their clinic on the existing proposed (and moreover (!) Promoted sites. Another feature of the management of clinics in small towns is to “push” communication issues onto secretaries, second assistants, and even heads of AHP. Naturally, these people are not able to understand the advantages of promotion that digital agencies, web design studios, etc. offer them. Therefore, another feature (or rather even a minus) of doing business in a small town is the shortsightedness and greed of the leaders. Factors causing a small town medical clinic to decline 1. Lack of work to strengthen the benefits of the medical organization. Why - the answer is above: the same short-sightedness and ignorance of the basics, not so much of Internet marketing, but of marketing as such. 2. In a small town, a medical organization offers a narrow range of services. The question is: who will go to such a clinic? Almost nobody. People will give preference to a multidisciplinary medical facility. 3. Another significant factor: poor location. In a small town there are many “unfortunate places”. This can include an industrial zone, and non-residential areas, and just places with low traffic of people, especially if the city has a specific structure, say - stretched along the river, like Volgograd. 4. Low level of advertising. Why is also not difficult to guess: because they believe that advertising through one promotion channel, for example, on the radio (if it can be called promotion at all) is enough. 5. The presence of a low-quality clinic website. its stereotyped, lack of detailed information about services, etc. The site should, first of all, make it clear to the visitor that it is this particular clinic that can be entrusted with their health. 6. Lack of Social media marketing promotion. Most clinic managers will say that using social media marketing to run their healthcare facility is stupid and a waste of money. However, the statistics in this matter are stubborn: the most successful clinics regularly turn to social networks for help to attract clients. A modern user pays attention to the number of subscribers of a group or public, and thus a loyalty to this clinic is formed.

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