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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ }); Coffee Culture has been a trending industry across the globe for many years and it has grown astronomically in Cape Town over the last few years. You would be surprised to learn that before the year 2000, there were only six coffee shops in Cape Town City Centre but today there are over 60 coffee shops in the city centre alone and hundred's more across the province. This booming industry has turned Cape Town into a perfect destination for coffee lovers and along with the stunning views and scenery, Cape Town is not only a coffee destination but also offers a vibrant coffee culture for the caffeine fanatics.Starting off our tour of some of the best coffee shops and roastery's in Cape Town, we are going to begin with one of the oldest coffee roasters in Town. Anthony's Golden Cup Coffee Shop offers 45 years of experience in roasting some of Capetonians favourite blends including African and South American and a variety of blends from Blue Mountain, Old Vienna and Mocha Java and Espresso. They also have some of their own classics like 'The Golden Cup Special Household Blend' or their 'Out of Africa' blend to provide you with a completely unique coffee experience.For a vintage feel with it's eclectic interior and history, Café Mozart is the perfect places to relax and watch the city go by. This little coffee shop, located on Church Street in the CBD, is a renowned landmark and has been serving some of the cities best coffee roasts for over 40 years. The café has been under Madame Zingara's management since 2010 which has added a new bohemian style to the store which has drawn in a more eclectic clientele. Café Mozart is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee with it's tables spilling out onto the antiques market & shaded pedestrian walkway.Also based on Church Street is Deluxe Coffeeworks. This roastery and coffee shop serve a unique blend of high quality coffee sourced from all over the globe including Kenya, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and Brazil. If their coffee tickles your taste buds and gets your mouth watering for more, they will freshly grind some beans to your specification to take home with you.Rosetta Roastery roasts and supply their own range of coffee and has a roastery / café at the Woodstock Exchange specialising in slowly brewed speciality blends that will satisfy any coffee lover. Original single origin coffees are sourced from South America, Africa and Asia and each are roasted to best represent its unique taste and personality.The coffee is as good as it gets at David Donde's new coffee spot, Truth. With over a decades worth of experience in the Coffee Industry, David is not only a coffee genius but also a marketing genius and with the combination of world class coffee and a charming environment, Truth has already been listed by The Telegraph as one of the world's best coffee shops. The shop is decorated with metal piping and quirky old machinery, making it a steampunk inspired artisan coffee shop.From it's humble beginnings operating out of a garage, Bean There has grown at an exponential rate to become one of South Africa's top coffee companies specialising in the sourcing, roasting and distribution of Africa's finest single origin, fair trade coffee. The personally sourced beans are roasted in the coffee shop, so you can virtually see the whole process while you are there. You can taste each country’s unique character as they only sell single origin coffee.No matter your taste and if you prefer the trendy spots or the quaint, quiet spots, Cape Town offers some of the finest coffee in the world and an array of places to drink them. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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