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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ }); If you really want to experience a ski season and take on seasonal work in a resort, but don’t want to leave your significant other behind, then why not consider one of the many jobs advertised for couples? In my days, of doing seasonal work, I knew loads of couples that had come to work together, and there are many companies that specifically look for couples to run their chalets.Working with someone you know allows you to confidently say that you both bring complementary experiences and skills to the job. Couples with a background in catering or customer service are often in high demand, although a good attitude is arguably the most important quality.How Will It Work for You and Your Partner?Generally, couples working in chalets will split the roles. Sometimes the roles are officially split, but in reality are done together. How you work it out is your business, as long as the jobs are done. The two main areas of work are the kitchen management and the chalet management, but these often overlap.Why Go As A Couple?Recruiting a couple can be of great benefit to chalet companies, especially the smaller, more personal ones. Couples are often perceived to be a ready-made team and many companies place a lot of trust in them.If you are part of a couple that wants to work together you will know that you have both made that decision, share a common background and have similar ways of working. Companies really value this and it is widely accepted that couples need less managing from above.As a pair, you will be able to share accommodation and won’t create issues like some of the single seasonal workers can sometimes do.Any Negatives?It might all sound very romantic, heading off to the snowy mountains to run a chalet together. However, before you go you need to be honest with yourselves and decide if you are up for the challenge of living and working together every day for the next five months. When a couple does have an issue while involved in seasonal work, it can go horribly wrong for both the couple and the company.The Ins and Outs of the JobWhoever manages the kitchen side of the job will be involved in menu planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking breakfast, afternoon tea and a four course evening meal.The chalet management element of the job includes serving the food, ordering wine, keeping on top of the accounts, and being there to organise guests’ ski lessons, equipment hire and lift passes, among other things. Resort reps are also on hand to help with these aspects of the job, but be prepared as this role is busy and varied and you need to be flexible and level headed to handle it well.Engaging in seasonal work as a couple can be lots of fun, and can lead to all kinds of opportunities. My advice, even if you are only just considering it, is to go for it. You won’t look back. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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