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Tips on Getting Pregnant Naturally - A Crash Course on Using the Fertility Awareness Method

Many couples seem to be facing infertilityproblems. It seems that everywhere you turn, this friend is takinghormone supplements and that couple is paying for another IVFtreatment. If you are just starting the process of trying to getpregnant, these discouraging situations can be daunting. Before youassume that you are going to have to spend thousands of dollars andtons of time at the fertility clinic, take heart. There are ways to tryconception naturally before you need to resort to the clinic. One ofthese ways is call the fertility awareness method.Also known asnatural family planning, the fertility awareness method is typicallyused to prevent pregnancy without the use of contraceptives. However,it is an extremely effective method of pregnancy planning as well. Thekey to the fertility awareness method is to understand and track yourmenstrual cycles.The first thing you need to do in order toeffectively use this method is to get a calendar for predictingovulation. Mark day 1 of menstruation as day 1 of you cycle. If youhave very regular cycles, you can assume that you will be ovulating onthe tenth to the fourteenth day of your cycle. It is on those days thatyou should make sure you have intercourse. You can verify ovulation onthese days by testing your urine with an ovulation predictor kit. Whilenot always accurate, doing the test could give you an extra level ofconfidence in your ovulation prediction. Note that these tests arenotorious for providing false negatives.Some women are able tophysically feel when they are ovulating. Some women sense a slightdiscomfort in the pelvic area. Other women can sense and feel physicalchanges in their cervix during ovulation.If you cycles areirregular or you've never charted your cycle, it is a good idea totrack your basal body temperature. As soon as you wake up in themorning, take your temperature with a basal thermometer. Write down thetemperature on the calendar every day. As you see your basaltemperature rising, you'll know that you are getting closer toovulation. You can then schedule intercourse so that your egg has thepotential for fertilization.Another less desirable but extremelyeffective method of predicting ovulation is to track cervical mucus.Just as you track your temperature, evaluate your cervical mucus everymorning. After doing this for a while, you'll be able to sense a changein the cervical mucus. When the mucus becomes clear and stretchy, youknow that you can get pregnant because you are ovulating.Allthis tracking can be stressful for some people. If you are likely toget overly concerned about having to watch out for temperature andmucus every morning, then the fertility awareness method probably isn'tfor you. However, if you want to get pregnant as quickly as possibleand you don't mind thinking about your fertility each and everymorning, then this is a great way to get pregnant naturally. If you area woman with irregular periods, the fertility awareness method is anaccurate, easy, and inexpensive way to figure out when you areovulating. If the fertility awareness method doesn't result inconception after several months of using it, you may want to considerwhether or not you have other factors present that could contribute toinfertility. Studies have shown that weight, stress, and diet can alladversely affect the fertility of a couple.

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