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Divorce Management - 5 Ways to Stop Your Energy Drains

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doingthe same things over and over again and expecting different results.You need to learn to be strategic in where you spend your preciousenergy. Here are some common energy drains and how you can plug them.Energy Drain #1, - Pity Parties and Gossip-MongeringIt'snatural to feel sorry for yourself and to enjoy the sympathy of others.However, don't make it a long-standing habit. What you focus yourattention on expands. Keeping your energy on the negative ultimatelykeeps you more stuck in the mud, than moving out of it.Solution:Set a time-limit to any pity parties. Decline invitations togossip-mongering or ex-bashing conversations. Simply let people knowyou've decided to focus on creating a great future for yourself,instead of endlessly rehashing the past.Energy Drain #2 - Expect Your Social Friendships to Stay the SameInmost cases, a divorce creates a shift in your social landscape, despitegood intentions that you "keep in touch." Family members decide thatblood is ultimately thicker than water and you lose touch with them.You drop out of the social calendars of some of your "friends." Yourenergy drops as you see your social network change.Solution: Realizethat some change in your social fabric is inevitable. Bless thosepeople who've been in your life and let them go with gratitude. Lettinggo of relationships that no longer fit will help you start to attractnew friendships that will inspire and support you moving forward.Energy Drain #3 - Neglect Your Physical EnvironmentYouarrive home after a busy day and the first thing you see is..what?Unopened mail? Dirty dishes in the sink? Stacks of partially readnewspapers? There's nothing like physical clutter to make your energylevel sink like a stone. You try keep on top of your home environment,but you feel lethargic at the thought of tidying things up.Solution:You don't have to become a total neat freak, but give yourself the giftof creating a peaceful environment that supports and nurtures you.Start small and simple. Pick a project and set your timer to 10 minutesand do as much as you can. You'll be surprised at how revitalizing itcan be to reclaim your physical space.Energy Drain #4 - Live in OverdriveMovingthrough a major life transition can be painful and lonely. Some peoplemake the mistake of keeping really busy so they don't have time tothink or feel. They hope that by living in overdrive somehow the painwill go away.Solution: You cannot heal what youare unwilling to feel. Leave a space for quiet reflection andintrospection. Instead of starving your spiritual life, invite forms ofstillness in your life so you can tap into your wisdom. Let yourintuition show you the next steps on your path.Energy Drain #5 - Go it AloneAnothercommon energy drain is the belief that you have to solve your problemsall by yourself. People keep a stiff upper lip and don't want to admitthey need help. It takes a lot of energy to keep that brave front up!Solution:Get yourself some support. Connecting with a group of like-mindedindividuals is so helpful not only because of what you can learn, butbecause of the realization that you are not alone. That's part of thepower of the Thrive Community calls we have here at Thrive afterDivorce. Find a trusted friend, divorce buddy or divorce coach so youcan talk through your specific issues.

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