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All Round Baby Proofing Ideas

Even a baby’s own nursery may contain some things that are not very safe for him. You have to observe each object one after the other, and identify what type of threat each of them pose.  Then, you will have to find ways to nullify the threat. You might have to remove certain objects completely, modify some others, while you may need to make yet other things temporarily inaccessible.  The following are the list of things which are by and large harmful to the child.Objects to Be AvoidedHanging or sagging objects: Tearing things apart, and pulling things, come naturally to children. If you don’t want them to get entangled in the cords or clothes that they drag around, you have to ensure that there are no hanging objects in areas where you allow the child to explore around. Remove electric cords from places he can reach, and try to have curtains without cords, and do not have tassels or beads hanging from table clothes or bed covers.  Toxic Materials: All types of detergents are harmful to children and so are other things like medicines, pesticides, or stain removers that a home may contain. Potted plants in your corridor could also pose the same level of risk. You can keep such things on top of a cupboard, lock it away in a cabinet, or take it out of the home, but can never afford to let the baby handle it.Wrong Crib Design: Crib is the baby’s cozy home, but a wrongly designed crib can be its enemy. The vertical bars round the crib should be placed close enough not to pose a threat, and the mattress inside the crib should be tight fitting. The space between the crib rails should be less than 2.5”. Tiny objects: The tinier a thing is, more the chances that a child will swallow it. So an essential part of baby proofing is removing them from the surroundings. Furniture that is not steady, or has got cracks in it, also needs to be removed. Baby Proofing HabitsParents can try to change some habits to protect their baby. They can quit smoking or at least not smoke around the baby. Whatever the exigency, they should never smoke holding a baby. Nor should they use a cigarette lighter or matches with the baby in the other hand. Though babies start solids before their first birthday, hard things like nuts, raisins, or candies are advised only after the first birthday. Most of these are common sense practices which come instinctively to parents. Taking counsel from experienced people will help in streamlining baby proofing practices. 

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