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How to Keep Unsafe Toys from Your Child

One of the things that kids love the most is toys. There are millions of toys in the world, and new kinds come into stores every few months. They are important to help your child grow up and develop properly, but they can become a hazard if not made properly. Many children are sent to the emergency room every year because of toy-related accidents.When you buy toys, make sure that cloth toys are flame resistant or retardant. Any toys that are painted should be painted with lead-free paint. Any art materials should be nontoxic and labeled ASTM D-4236, meaning that they have been checked by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Toys that are old should be thrown away or kept away from young children. These battered toys can harm young ones if they break. All toys should be sturdy so that they do not break.Make sure that the toys have no sharp edges or points which could puncture your child's skin. Young children tend to put toys in their mouths and also near their eyes, so check all their toys for this hazard. Battery-powered toys are bad for little children since they could try to eat the batteries. Be certain the battery compartment is not easy for children to access. Also, if old batteries are not changed they could leak toxic fluids. Batteries should be checked or changed periodically. Old toys should be stored without batteries.Loose strings and cords can be hazardous too, since the child can get tangled or even strangled with them. Any strings should be too short to wrap around a child's neck. Toys with small parts are extremely dangerous for children under the age of three. These parts can come off and young children can choke on them. Very loud toys can be dangerous since they could damage your child's hearing.A lot of toys are recalled each year for being dangerous for young children, but sometimes some toys stay in stock at stores. Make sure that the toys you are buying have not been recalled. You can check on sites like Recalls-dot-gov to see what toys are recalled. Make sure to check this often, as the list is updated regularly.Always make sure to read the recommended ages for toys, and make sure that your child is mature enough to play with the toy without hurting himself or herself. Toys that are shaped like food can be dangerous since children will think that it is real and try to eat it. Make sure that your child knows the difference between toys and real food if you get these types of toys.With the toys that you have already, clean them regularly so that they do not get dirty and carry germs to your child. You can also remove dust mites from plushy toys by putting them in the freezer for 6 hours and vacuuming them afterward. Remember to store everything properly in labeled containers in a neat way. Check your child's toys to see if they are broken and have become a hazard, and if they can't be fixed, throw them away.Lastly, make sure that the play area is safe for your child as well. Make sure there aren't any breakable items nearby and that there is not anything that could fall and potentially harm your child. If the area is safe and the toys are safe, then your child will have less chances of getting hurt while playing.

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