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Flooring Says A Lot About Your Home

One can become very creative when working with a hard surface floor changing the entire look of the surrounding environment and one of the nicest flooring is natural hardwood which will give warmth to any home or office. The wood grain blends in with any design be it modern or be it old. Laminates also have body and great texture and is a fantastic floor for excess activity and a new type of flooring which is also hard surface is cork.Flooring of this nature comes in prefinished planks as well as tiles and they just lock together by means of a uniclic this method is efficient and fast to lay and is very light weight and it fits tightly together requiring no special under floor. So when you are refurbishing and you are looking at new flooring choose something that will enhance the personality of your room and is simply.One particular type of flooring that just becomes very beautiful as it ages is wood which colour changes adding beauty and character to the floor. Again there are many styles and designs as well as different types of wood to choose from. In addition when you are putting down new floor many people nowadays have under floor heating installed at the same time which will heat the whole home and save your electricity consumption but not having to burn heaters. Also be aware when placing heating under ceramic tiles as you need to know about the membranes in order for the job to be done properly and you don't encounter any disasters later by the wrong membranes being used. There are various different types of membranes and all have a specific function as well as different flooring has different membranes. Just make sure when buying the flooring you have also purchased the correct membrane especially with under floor heating as you could end up with a cracked tiles which will cost you to repair again. There is also an alternative such as eco friendly bamboo flooring and is a fantastic alternative to hardwood flooring and it is very durable and has great resistance to expansion and contraction as well as being exceptionally hard. Bamboo is fast growing and is far more sustainable than wood owing to the amount of trees that are cut down as well as slow re-growth. It is also trendy and very attractive and you will be doing your share environmentally. There are just so many designs and types of flooring that one can choose from as flooring is definitely a style statement and caters for every individual need and flooring also reflects on your individuality and nature. Do yourself a favour by going online and see the many choices you have and shop until you drop.

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