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Five Creative Designs For Your Bedroom in Platform Beds

Platform beds are designed to be used with just a mattress. They incorporate their own foundation into the bed frame that consists of either slats or solid decking. No box springs are used on platform beds as the foundation of these beds is designed higher up providing for more space beneath the bed and a more open look.If you’re reading this article you’re likely shopping for a new bed and are interested in knowing your options in the way of different bed options for these beds. Platform beds are available in a variety of designs and styles and knowing the different types of bed available may help you to visualize the type of bedroom you’d like to have. Let’s take a look at some of the styles available within platform beds.1. Under Bed Storage – These beds feature either built in under bed drawers or have drawers independent of the bed system that allow them to be added later. Having built in under bed storage can provide that additional storage needed if the room is lacking in the way of closet space or case goods that can store clothing, bedding or anything else you need to store. 2. Bed Lift System – This is a somewhat newer innovation in platform beds in that there is a hydraulic lift system that is incorporated into the bed frame and most often lifts up to reveal storage systems below. This provides and maintains a clean look to the overall appearance of the bed and offers hidden storage beneath the mattress. 3. Bookcase Storage Headboard – Another platform bed feature available is in the way of bookcase storage headboards. These were relatively unnoticed until the waterbed industry started to incorporate them into their designs and waterbed frames in the 1970’s and 1980’s and would feature bookcase storage headboards to help provide the user with more storage options. The latest in platform bed designs incorporate new designs in bookcase storage headboards but with sleek and functional platform style frames.4. Footboard Cabinet with TV Lift – An interesting feature that is beginning to be added to platform beds is a TV lift system inside a footboard cabinet. It works often by wired or wireless remote and allows you to activate a lift system within the footboard cabinet that raises the TV up and out of the unit. This is being used in regular entertainment center cabinets and some bed manufacturers are starting to incorporate this design into their platform beds. Very cool in that you can store your flat screen TV inside the cabinet and then call it by remote when ready to be watched. 5. Round Bed – Most beds are rectangular in shape but what about a round bed? Yes, these are available in platform style as well and the most user friendly of these use regular size mattresses that drop into them. Queen and King sizes are the typical platform beds offered in these round designs and by allowing regular size mattresses to be dropped into them it makes it easier to find sheets and bedding and replacing the mattress over time won’t be an issue. These beds often have built in nightstands as well which make up for the amount of space these beds will require.In this article we’ve taken a look at just some of the many platform bed options available to enhance both your bed and bedroom. Among these were under bed storage options which will give you some much needed space to store clothing, bedding and other items when space is limited. Bed lift systems work in a similar fashion except that the bed lifts up to reveal storage space beneath. Bookcase storage headboards made popular in waterbeds are now being incorporated into platform bed systems. Pop-up entertainment footboards provide another unique feature for your platform bed and will allow you to watch TV in bed but enclose the TV when you’re done. Finally round beds which provide a unique look for your bedroom in the way of a round design which can accommodate standard mattresses.Whether you’re looking for more storage in your bed or trying to get a more original look for your bedroom, platform beds can offer many options to you in spicing up the appearance of a bedroom or making it more functional for yourself or others. So consider a platform bed when shopping for new bedroom furniture.

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