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Getting Pregnant Naturally - Starting With Exercise, Diet, Birth Control and Intercourse

You have decided it's time to start afamily. Before you begin the fun preparation like choosing names ordecorating the nursery, there are some things you need to do to prepareyour body. Getting your body ready is important for conception,pregnancy and delivery. There are four steps that are wise to takebefore you even think about buying that first bag of diapers. Pre-Pregnancy Step #1 - Develop a regular exercise routineIf exercise isn't already a daily part of your routine, then make it adaily priority, immediately! A regimen of cardiovascular exercise andstrength training is just a smart way to maintain a healthy body whenyou aren't trying to get pregnant. It is even more important whenwanting to conceive. A body that is in shape will handle pregnancybetter than an out of shape body. Women who exercise throughoutpregnancy report having an easier time giving birth. Furthermore, womenwho have a normal body mass index (18.5 - 24.9) have a greaterfertility rates than women who have a higher body mass index. Exerciseis one of the two essential keys to keeping that weight at a healthylevel. Pre-Pregnancy Step #2 - Adopt Proper Eating HabitsThe other essential key to keeping your weight at a healthy level is toeat properly. First of all, you don't want to be eating too little. Aweight that is below recommended levels for age and height can causeovulation to stop. A weight that is above recommended levels for ageand height can cause hormonal imbalances that can diminish fertility.Find out what your target weight range should be and get there, eitherby eating more, or eating less and exercising more. If you are at ahealthy weight, but the quality of what you are eating could beimproved, get into the habit of healthy eating before you get pregnant.It will make losing the post baby weight that much easier. Pre-Pregnancy Step #3 - Stop Taking Oral ContraceptivesOnce your body is ready to conceive, it is time to stop the pill. Thebirth control pill's primary job is to stop ovulation. So, if you areon the pill and thinking about having a baby, it is a good idea to stoptaking the pill a few months prior to trying to get pregnant. Somewomen will be ovulating a couple of weeks after they stop taking thepill, but other women don't begin ovulating again for a few months.Once you stop the pill, you can determine whether or not you havestarted ovulating again by charting your basal temperature, checkingthe changes in your cervical mucus, or taking an at-home ovulation test. Pre-Pregnancy Step #4 - Stop Using Alcohol and TobaccoMost people in this culture understand that alcohol, tobacco and drugscan adversely affect a baby while the mother is using during pregnancy.However, many people don't know that drinking, smoking and using drugscan dramatically affect fertility. Studies show couples that smoke havea greater rate of infertility than those couples that don't usetobacco. Studies have shown that nicotine drastically reduces spermcount. Alcohol is known to alter hormonal levels in women, which canhalt ovulation, or stop the menstrual cycle altogether. Alcohol andtobacco definitely don't help the chances of getting pregnant and theydefinitely do hurt the chances of it. Get your body ready and you are sure to have a better chance at conception and a healthy baby will be in your future very soon. Formore excellent advice, methods and lifestyle choices for gettingpregnant naturally, take the time to visit our site for an inside lookat our book "Getting Pregnant Naturally". We want you and your partnerto have your best chance at getting pregnant in a way that is natural,wholesome and healthy. Here you'll get access to our free 10day mini-course. It's packed with the latest natural methods forconceiving along with new healthy patterns and methods for increasingyour fertility and getting pregnant faster.

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