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Pro\\\'s And Con\\\'s Of An Infant Pacifier

There is great controversy about the use of infant pacifiers. Doctors and parents have debated this subject to no end, and that's never going to change.Given countless names, the pacifier has been doing the same thing for many years. They satisfy babies. Relaxing and calming them is a pacifier doing a good job. The question is, why is there such a fuss surrounding them? Well, all products have a good and a not so good side.The Up Side Of Using A Infant PacifierIt's not uncommon for a baby to want to suck on something. Using a pacifier will keep your baby content and usually buy mom a few minutes. We all know a happy baby equals a happy mommy. While your baby is occupied for these few minutes, you can use the time to make their bottle or even get set up to nurse.You might want to have a pacifier ready for the times that you go to the doctor. Procedures involving pain, say shots or drawing blood, these are the ones that the pacifier will really come in handy.Remember that infant pacifiers don't last forever, and they need to be thrown away after showing signs of wear. If you don't have another, your baby might decide to suck on her fingers. This is a incredibly hard habit to break.There is another plus that new moms may be completely unaware of. There has been recent studies that have found a positive link between the use of pacifiers and reducing instances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Much like the cause of SIDS, the reason pacifiers seem to have a positive effect is also still unknown although research is ongoing.The Flip Side Of Using A Infant PacifierThought there are plenty of upsides to using a pacifier, there are also some downsides to consider. If you use a pacifier too soon, you may find that it disrupts your baby's ability to breastfeed properly. She may have trouble telling the difference between a pacifier and a nipple. This could cause confusion with the breastfeeding process. One thing that you don't want is your baby ending up dependent on the pacifier. Regular usage at bedtime may start something you wish you never had. You are going to be rather dismayed when they spit it out in the middle of the night, and refuse to sleep until you replace it.If you use a pacifier too much you may find that your baby develops rashes on the face and lips. There may also be dental issues later on.Although the American Academy of Pediatrics states that using a pacifier for the early years is acceptable, continued use after that could cause other issues such as slanted teeth and malformation of the jaw.Once you opt to utilize a pacifier, it would be advantageous to try several different types.  The infant pacifier your baby likes most is the best choice. Make sure that you buy a few to have on hand. You don't want to be searching the entire house for them.

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