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Gogos Crazy Bones – 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Gogos Crazy Bones will soon slip off the tongue as easily as Ben 10. This new craze is gaining in popularity every day due to the fact that the little figures are fun, hard wearing and cheap to buy. If you have not yet come across them, the following frequently asked questions should give you some information for when your son or daughter puts on that pleading face when you’re at the toy shop.What are Gogos Crazy Bones?A Gogos Crazy Bone is a small, unique plastic figure. Each character has a different face and name. They are supposed to be collected, compared, swapped and played with. There are a range of games that can be played with them including a 10 pin bowling style game, a battle game and a Jacks type game. They come in little packets of two or three figures along with stickers or trading cards. You can buy these packets in singles or multi packs – singles costing around £1. There are hundreds available across four series.Is there a difference between the many coloured packets?Each of the four series of Crazy Bones has a different name and colour – original is red, Evolutions is yellow, Explorer is green and Power is blue. The latest series is Power and is probably what you should buy for your children to keep them up to date unless they specifically ask for the other varieties. Each series has a slight twist on the other – Evolution has some characters that are transparent with embedded glitter, Explorer has some normal coloured characters and some laser metallic ones and Power has half that are metallic. The new Power series is accompanied by a starter pack to encourage new fans to take up the game. This includes two packs of Gogos, an album and a game guide.What does my child need to play this new game?As well as a fair selection of figures, your child will need a storage container for their collection. Without one they are likely to get lost or left underfoot. The metal tin available is sturdy and comes with an exclusive selection of 10 characters. The smaller bag, which can hold about 30 Gogos, comes with one pack of figures. As well as storage, your child would probably appreciate a book containing fun facts on their favourite game pieces. There are two to choose from – a sticker album and an Official Handbook. These also include fun Gogos related activities.Buying the right packets of Gogos is crucial to the success of your toy shopping. Hopefully these frequently asked questions will have pointed you in the right direction.

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