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Secrets to Choosing a Dallas Colocation Provider

Theservice can account for large operational costs, and also determines theperformance of your IT operations. Consider the following useful reminders:Quality ofFacilityEverybody wants a good deal,but price should not be the only consideration in choosing a Dallas colocationservice. Cost-effectiveness means getting the best quality and value for money.This applies to everything, not just IT services. More often than not, gettingservices cheap may mean some compromises in services. The colocation facilityshould be equipped with redundant power, connections, and hardware. The absenceof these would explain why services are offered at a much cheaper package. Optionslike redundancies cannot be skimped on when running mission-criticaloperations. Pick a Dallas colocation facility that matches all the requirementsof an on-site data center . Visit the site and ensure it is physicallyresilient and is built according to industry standards. If it isn’t, then lookfor another one that is. Don’t risk company data and operations over a fewdiscounts.Compliance and Industry StandardsBusinesses should check thatthe Dallas colocation service bears high-performance standards. Ensure that ithas been type-approved and has passed SAS 70 Type II certifications. Suchcertifications mean that the provider underwent through a series of independentaudit processes. This assures businesses that whatever data and equipmenthosted and controlled internally are well-protected. Redundancyand ConnectivityChoose a Dallas colocation service provider that offers redundancy forfailovers and attacks. Hosting services through one that is connected to acarrier-neutral facility brings many advantages. They should offer the optionto choose which internet provider to connect with. Businesses often combineinternet services where fiber-dedicated connections serve as the primary link. Thesecondary link is a provider whose connection is entirely different andindependent from the primary link. Having these options available to businessesprovides great benefits, because it ensures uptime. Seconds of downtimetranslate to loss in revenue and wasted opportunities. A Dallas colocationservice will have more than enough resources to provision a company’s needs.With a backup power, hardware, and internet link, companies achieve redundancyand minimal revenue loss.   Range ofServicesOne important thing to note isthe range of services a provider offers. They say it isn’t wise to put all the eggsin just one basket.  However, havingsystems dispersed over a few data centers is not effective, either. It defeats thepurpose of having a cost-effective, agile system working to meet company needs.Additionally, early termination of services is very difficult, no matter thereasons. Colocation services normally bind companies to a 3-year contract. Makesure that the Dallas colocation provider can adequately address a 5-year ITroadmap. Know what limitations the provider has in terms of expertise,provisioning, services, and support. Do they render 24x7 service? If so, howfast can they scale and will scaling up cause downtime? Ask if they Dallasmanagetheir facilities onsite or through remote access. Remember that they shouldalways have adequate workforce onsite and remotely supporting the facility. Thisensures that minimal downtime is incurred in the unlikely case a service fails.Relationshipand Customer SupportA facility’s physical securityisn’t the only important thing that needs to be considered. In choosing a Dallascolocation, look for one that shares the company’s best interest. Spend timeinteracting with the provider’s former or current client base. These referencescan help determine if the provider’s service is a must-have or a must-avoid. Tohave a seamless and positive colocation experience, the relationship must havea solid foundation. This is built and anchored on the great customer servicerendered by a Dallas colocation provider. They should be able to resolve futureissues and requests within the agreed service levels. Each task deliveredshould also comply to business best practices in deployment and operations. While there may be other thingsto consider, these pointers are a good start. These are some of the mainconsiderations in picking out the right Dallas colocation provider. To sum up, picka provider that offers the best options. Its offerings should transcend beyondbeing a repository of company hardware. It should serve as a foundation towardsachieving future technology perspectives. It should support company IT initiatives as the business expands itshorizons.

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