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One Key Aspect To Expeditions

When contemplating an expedition of some kind, quite a fewlogistics must come into place. Water, food, transportation, sleeping, etc.will all be required in this process. Perhaps the team looking intoinvestigating an area or point of interest is doing so not just for theexperience, but to collect data or to solve a problem. What I’m saying – maybethe team going into a new area is looking to get something accomplished; theyaren’t going on a stroll to see the area, they’re collecting data. In a sense,they’re there for business. It is a professional environment. There are quite afew expeditions like this occurring all the time and I want to mention the useof 3D printing in these expeditions.  Like I mentioned earlier, quite a few logistics must come intoplay when discussing going on some kind of expedition away from society. 3Dprinting might be one of the key ingredients to that process, let me explainhow. Let’s say that a team is going to explore a trench in the ocean. A vesselwill have to carry the team to research this area. Various other devices andequipment will come very handy when graphing the areas, and taking note. Manythings such as miniature submarines, robots that “crawl” the sub surface, andother technologies need to work under harsh conditions. What happens when a keypart breaks down and stops working? The main seismic technology for recording asection just broke in one spot. Engineers acknowledge that a small piecerequires replacement, but they don’t have the equipment to do it themselves.  Without 3D printing, perhaps the team would have to turnaround and call the entire journey a bust. Maybe they can come back next time.Perhaps if the financial situation is there, a piece can be helicoptered tothat kind of distance, and dropped off. That doesn’t sound free. 3D printingcould solve this issue relatively easily – especially if used in conjunctionwith a 3D scanner. Let’s say that a widget breaks, and it is crucial to theexpedition. 3D printing can replicate it! Plain and simple. Not every singlesituation, but almost all of them will allow for 3D printing to manufacture a smallpart for a very specific situation. If a 3D scanner were to take the dimensionsof the damaged part, it would accelerate the process. A designer or engineerwould simply have to draw up the part on the computer and then it would bemanufactured. Another interesting idea might involve keeping files of all ofthe individual parts ready for printing in case something did break down. Thiswould mean that a team on an expedition could break a vital piece to theiroperation, but would only have to click the print button to fix all of theirproblems.  This kind of application applies to a wide variety ofsituations. Like I mentioned earlier, maybe there is research going on in themiddle of the ocean. Other research might be going on at the north or southpole. Perhaps a team drilling water wells in Africa could benefit from this.Maybe even space travel might benefit from this? The point is, if a team isworking with very specific gear, and something breaks – 3D printing could savethe day by manufacturing the piece. 

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