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The Steps To Product Development

Do you have an idea that you think can change the world? Doyou want to bring some kind of product to the masses? For whatever reason, youfeel the urge to create something! Maybe because it comes off as empowering;perhaps you were just hit with a great idea. Regardless, you are veryinterested in pursuing some kind of idea and creating a product. What is thereto do next? What can you do aboutmoving forward with your idea? Well, before anything moves forward, you need toactually design your product.  Before a piece can be mass manufactured, it has to bedesigned. This means that you will have to create some kind of CAD files or 3Dcomputer files of your product. An image of this design will be taken intoaccount by whichever machine that will manufacture your product. 3D printing inparticular will be dependent on this design as well.  What is 3D printing and how is it relevant to productdevelopment? First off, 3D printing is a layer by layer form of manufacturingthat can create a wide variety of shapes that traditional machining cannotcreate. 3D printing is great for small scale creation. When moving forward witha product idea, a prototype is very necessary for testing, and promoting toinvestors. 3D printing can create products in units of 1-2, 10-20, or even morethan that if you’d like. Although it is more expensive per unit than massmanufacturing, it isn’t very expensive to create your own products at the smallscale. Placing a specific order at a machine shop could take hundreds, if notover a thousand dollars. 3D printing can create prototypes at prices under$150. I want to emphasize that this price is dependent on where you would go,and it is also subjective to your design. Regardless, having a custom piececreated isn’t very expensive to do on a small scale. But what is significantabout doing this? Like I said earlier, before a product is mass manufactured,is should be tested. The last thing you want to do is spend $20,000 on a massorder or product to find a series of problems with the design. Through 3Dprinting, you have the opportunity to preview what your design will look like.On top of that, this technology can be very powerful for marketing your idea.When it comes down to actually mass producing your product idea, finding thecapital may be difficult. Even if you outsource your idea to save money, itwill still cost quite a bit! When appealing to investors, showing potentialcapital holders your product idea, dream, and motivations in conjunction with aphysical prototype has the potential to land you a deal! Sure, people havereceived capital without having an actual prototype – but I’m saying that itcould only help your odds. 3D printing has been helping for marketing purposesfor years, and it’s not going anywhere. It could be the deciding factor togetting the capital for your product! 

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