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Features of LED Strip Lights

Typically sold by the metre, these flexible strips of LEDs operate at 12-volts and can be cut to almost any length, making them much more versatile than their fluorescent counterparts. They also cost much less to run, as LEDs only use a fraction of the energy to produce the same amount light!LED Strip Lights come in two main varieties; Single Colour and Colour Changing RGB (Red, Green and Blue). Like regular LED Bulbs, single colour strip lights are available in Warm White (3,000K) and Cool White (6,000K), while colour changing strip lights allow users to create variable ambience at the touch of a button.They also come in many different brightness's, ranging from a modest light output for small, domestic applications, to exceptionally bright for commercial applications. The brightness of a strip is determined by the number and size of their LED chips. There are two main chip sizes available; 3528 (3.5mm x 2.8mm) and 5050 (5.0mm x 5.0mm). A 3m self-adhesive backing also makes installation very straightforward and removes the need for brackets.As they are low-voltage, LED Strip Lights require a transformer. This is similar to the transformers used by MR16 spotlights and adjusts the voltage to the requirements of the LEDs. The transformer also acts as the power supply and needs to be large enough to support the strip light(s) it is powering.LED Strip Lights are typically use to create subtle or hidden lighting as they are easy to conceal and can fit into long, narrow spaces. Once there they create an effect called "layering," which promotes an added sense of drama. A popular example is as underlighting on wall mounted kitchen cabinets. Here they provide both visual appeal and a functional task light. They also make a great addition to furniture, coppicing, coving and stair wells.Waterproof and shock-resistant IP-rated coatings also make strip lights suitable for use in bathrooms and outdoor locations. They make a fantastic nocturnal addition to gardens and can be used to illuminate pathways, steps, patio areas and trellises.LED Strip Lights have also become very popular with the hospitality and retail industries, both of which rely on quality, affordable lighting. The next time you are out, keep an eye open for them in public places.

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