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Sony Goes Pro With 3D Handycam

If you take a very quick look at Sony's HXR-NX3D1 professional handycam, it looks like any other camcorder you are likely to see at any news event, right down to the front LED lighting bar. Go beyond that quick look and really look closely at the front end of the NX3D1 and you will see something very interesting - two lenses will be staring back at you about 31 mm apart. Both lenses are active and, indeed, you effectively have two cameras inside the camcorder. Since the lenses are offset, you are taking 3D video. This is the first attempt at professional 3D video on the market.Not only are there two lenses available that are set a fixed distance apart so each one sees the same view but from a slightly different angle, just the way our eyes work. The NX3D1 can be used so that it combines the images into one image or you can take two images of the subject. It depends on what you are going to do with the video. For example, 2D mode tends to not only be sharp with excellent contrast and brilliant colors or, when they are combined, you have 3D images without the need for special glasses. Sony uses 2 Exmor R imaging processors to deliver fine video with bright, vivid colors and TruBlack technology that enhances the blacks that your receive in the video, as well as the contrast.Actually introduced about six years ago, the NX3D1 has had some major improvements to the base camera. For example, it now arrives at your door with 96 GB of memory in its dual memory module sockets. This means you have 96 GB of video time available. At standard its enhanced operating speed this should still be about 24 hours of programming, whether editing or taking new video.The NX3D1 uses parts of the technology you find in other Sony NXCAM camcorders. For example, the camcorder features a 3.5-inch lenticular LCD that you can watch in normal 3D mode - without special glasses - or you can set up the frame to watch each individual lens as it records or you can view a composite of both lenses.The NX3D1, which combines not only with its high-definition framing a LCD for accurate work, also includes a.42 mm lens that allows you to frame your images when the sun washes out the LCD. It's a nice touch.The NX3D1 uses Sony G lenses. In 2D mode, they function as 12X zooms, while in 30 fps 3D mode, they function as 10X zooms. The video range is quite good from very close up to about midway down the track from a tight.Not only does the NX3D1 use NXCAM technology, but it also takes advantage of the consumer standard AVCHD consumer technical standard that Sony and Panasonic implemented six years ago and which has become the video standard of the high-definition industry, 1920 by 1080 or 800 vertical by 900 horizontal and 16:9 aspect ratio.

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