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What To Expect From Apple In 2012?

No one can deny that modern leader in high-tech and gadget-making is Apple. Phones and tablets produced by this company are widely distributed in all the countries, which becomes a real fashion trend among people. Sometimes customers do not even pay attention to the variety of its functions, but attractive design and high-class image. The number of patents, which Apple receives and buys every year, significantly grows. The year of 2012 is expected to enclose more fascinating and astonishing technologies.1.Apple turned out to be the supporter of green technologies and living. Therefore, renewable energy is a top perspective for company technologists, who deal with embedding solar panels into phones and tablets. To date there are only some theories how to implement solar power. All in all, iPod, iPad and iPhone are assumed to be charged with solar energy.2.iKey is a new patented technology of Apple. If you have a habit to lose keys or there are lots of keys you need to keep all days long, then iKey is a perfect solution. It can be used for homes, houses, garages and even cars. In order to make it universal, Apple scholars programmed it on the basis of PIN-code.3.Some Apple computers may add features of the tablet thanks to iMac display. At vertical view notebook computer will use a full-fledged operating system Apple, and with his coup in horizontal view it will switch to iOS with touch controls.4.With Apple contribution Bluetooth will turn to multifunctional multimedia player. This patent allows a user to store his result (in games), to describe and portray it as a comic book, written in the format of the video, maybe he woukd like to print own comic book. And Apple will help you with this!5.Distanced controller is a long-cherished dream for everyone. This is a new patent in Apple TV. It is a technology, which provides an opportunity to operate TV-set with gestures, instead of touching the screen. In this case, Apple is likely to cooperate with Wiimote, a controller for the Wii game console from the company Nintendo Company, the main feature of which is the motion sensor. 6.Macbooks are eager to be accompanied with projector, giving customers the opportunity to put required image on the wall during presentations. This is a nice technology, which might be in use both at home and on work.7.Ibike is a bicycle embedded with iPad. Particularly, its assignment is to display speed and distance passed, as well as to create connection with other riders.

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