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Busting the popular myths about face scrubs

Face scrubs are meant only for exfoliation which is the healthy slogan of the skin. Let us now debunk some myths that revolve around the concept of Face Scrub to understand the importance of such products in a better way.Myth: Use of exfoliants damages your skin.Fact: Scrubbing doesn't damage our skin, in fact use of ODEON facial scrub best for removing the damaged skin.Myth: Face scrubs cause tears in the skin.Fact: Cream based face scrubs are available which causes zero tears. Any type of face scrubs on applying excessive pressure, damages the skin.Myth: Face scrubs reduce pimples and acne.Fact: Face scrubs only help in fading the acne and pimple scars and they don't remove them.Myth: Cooling effect while applying face scrubs is dangerous.Fact: Check for the composition of the face scrubs. If the product contains cooling materials like mint, methanol and curd, the cooling effect is highly normal.Myth: Chemical exfoliation shows better results.Fact: Physical exfoliation shows instant results and enriches the skin tone while it takes more time for chemical exfoliants to yield its results.I would likely prefer face scrubs like ODEON face scrub which are safe and can be purchased at reasonable prices.Prefer products that are approved by dermatologists so that they can be used with no fear. Analyse the facts rather than believing the myths! It's high time to purchase the right products like ODEON face scrub best rather than making them sleep safely in our cupboard! Trash away the myths and have a perfect and safe skin care routine! Reveal your radiant skin to the world!

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