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Seven Ways for Dad to Help Out Mom on Weekends

Do you want to help, Dad, but you just don't know how? Your guy friends' suggestions just are not working right now? Sometimes you need advice from a woman's point of view. Trust me; you are looking in the right place.Let her sleep in. Between midnight diaper changes and chasing after children all day, moms get exhausted too. Let her take advantage of your days off and give her a break. As worn out and tired as she is she could probably sleep for days straight.Clean up the house. That pile of laundry could be folded. The dirty dishes need washed. The washer and dryer don't take a genius to figure out. Floors could use some vacuuming, and the counters need wiped off. Even the simplest things you could do moms would appreciate. Anything to take a little stress off of her plate is what is needed. Quit leaving your dirty socks on the floor: you know where they go, too. If the trash needs to be taken out, don't make her tell you twice.Bath the kids. Come-on dad! Get in there and splash with them. Everything doesn't always have to be serious. Have fun while they're getting clean.Cook. Just because meals taste better from mom doesn't mean they always have to be made from her. Dad, you can make simple things if cooking is hard for you. Some simple things could include: Hamburgers, hamburger helper, macaroni and cheese, and sloppy joes. Spark up that grill. We know you love it. Quit letting it sit around and get some use out of it! You didn't buy it for the looks.Let her go out. You have your night with the guys for football, or whatever you please. Let her have her night out even if it is just a movie with the girls or coffee and girl talk. You are focusing on her relaxation. Don't make her worry about the kids or the house; it is her night. Take care of everything while she goes out and has fun. We all know this doesn't happen often. So when it does, let her enjoy it.Step up. When the kids ask her for something, don't make her get up. Take the initiative to get it yourself and make them start asking you for stuff instead of her. Explain to them that mom needs rest on the weekend. Tell your children instead of making mommy get up and fetch or do stuff for them to ask daddy. You can do it just as well as mommy can.Take time alone with her. After a hectic week, it's comforting and relaxing to just be able to cuddle and talk with you, Dad. We don't always have to be on the go. Take time to spend with her alone. Put the kids in bed and pop in a movie to cuddle up and watch it together. You don't have to go out to spend time together. Stay in, because it's so much more peaceful.We know you are tired after a long work week, but moms have more than one job. Moms are the nanny, dishwasher, laundromat, housekeeper, chauffeur and the cook every night. Moms are on the job twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. Give moms a night off. Moms deserve it every once in a while.

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