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Is It Safe for Babies to Sleep With You?

The question of how safe it is for your baby to sleep in your bed with you has been debated for years. Those who are for having the baby in the bed claim it's not only safe, but offers psychological benefits to both the baby and parents. The other side points out that having your baby sleep with you is dangerous.Without continuing the argument, it may be better to have some tips on ways to make it safer for a baby to sleep in their parent's bed. Suffocation is one of the primary fears, as well as crushing the infant in its sleep. There are a few simple remedies to these very serious concerns.The first thing to do is to make sure your bed is large enough for you and your baby. A king or queen size bed should do. When sleeping with a baby, follow this guideline. Never have the infant sleep in between you and your partner. It is ideal to put baby on the side, with a barrier between the wall and yourself to keep the infant from rolling off.Most of the time, it is safe for your baby to co-sleep with you. As well as being safe, there are also other advantages. For breastfeeding mothers, having a baby in the bed makes it much easier to nurse at night. You don't have to stumble through the kitchen looking for a bottle; simple stay semi-asleep while you nurse your baby. This will help you feel better during the day too, since you get more rest.Another good idea in having all the benefits without some of the obvious privacy issues is using a sleeping basket. Set this beside the bed. You can hold the child until she falls asleep, then transfer her to the basket. When she wakes in the night, you won't have to get completely out of bed to care for her.If your baby has health problems, it may be a good idea to have her sleep with you, or at the very least by you. The chances of a problem are much slimmer if you are within ear shot and arms reach.There is definitely times when it isn't safe for babies to sleep in the same bed as you, when you are sick for one. There is a good chance that you will be passing this sickness on. Being sick, stressed, or have been drinking alcohol, can dull your senses. When you are not as "sharp" as you should be, you are less likely be aware of any problems.When deciding if it's safe for babies to sleep with their parents, common sense should dictate your decision. If your baby regularly sleeps with you, and your bedtime routine becomes altered due to exhaustion, stress, illness, etc., these can effect the safety of your baby. If you feel that you are not as alert as you should be, don't risk it, use the crib.

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