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Selecting Perfect Themed Table Lamps

When replacing table lamps with new themed lamps one will want to remove the old lamps from the room. One idea is to store table lamps that are not in use in an area where they will not be damaged. In this way, when there is a need for more lighting in a room there are table lamps available when needed.A table lamp can be a creative way to highlight a focal point or serve a dual purpose in a room. When using table lamps in children's rooms one will want to do the necessary research to make sure that the theme of the room is included in the lamp.A child's table lamp must have some safety features that are not needed with lamps used in other rooms. The lamp must be versatile and easy for the child to use. Many table lamps are made with touch mechanisms built in to their base. These lamps are activated by touching the base of the lamp. A child does not need to use the switch in the lamp to turn the lamp on and off.If the table lamp will be on a table near the child's bed or near clothing, it should have a bulb that does not get hot. There are many energy efficient bulbs that do not get hot when they are on. By using this type of bulb, there is no danger that the child will be insured if the lamp falls over. This will also alleviate the possibility of items being burned by a hot bulb, if the lamp is left on when the child leaves the room.In most cases the lamps in a child's room contain figures or images reflecting the theme of the room. One will want to make sure that the figures are built in to the base of the lamp to make it sturdy. In some cases images and figures are not secured firmly to the lamp and children are tempted to pull them away from the fixture.There is a wide range of prices for children's table lamps. These lamps are small versions of the table lamps used in other rooms but have the safety features and accessories that make them appropriate for young children. If the lamp is well constructed it can last for several years.A table lamp for a child's room should also contain a nightlight in the body of the lamp. Many lamps are now made with a nightlight which comes on when the room is dark. This is very comforting for a child. Some of these types of table lamps also are activated with a three way switch that a child can turn to activate the nightlight.When selecting themed table lamps an individual will want to have an idea of what they will do with the lamp when they change the decor in the room. Some people select lamps that can grow with a child and are neutral so that they fit with any theme. Other people give the lamp to another child when the theme is changed.Discussing the needs of the room and what functions the table lamp will serve with a professional will be of great benefit. A person will find that a professional who knows about the different types of table lamps that are available will be of great assistance in identifying the lamp that will best meet the needs of the decor and child that will be using it.

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