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Effects of Single Parenting

Now, many individuals make the choice to become parents even if they are not in a steady, committed relationship with another adult who will share the responsibility of child rearing.  Of course there are several other circumstances that lead to single parenting.  Generally speaking, however, single parents are more empowered than ever before.  There are, however, certain effects of single parenting that must be examined.  Single parenting has effects on the children, on the community at large, and on the single parents themselves.Effects of Single Parents on Children    The negative effects of single parents on the children involved have been known for years and are very predictable.  Here, we examine the not-so-predictable positive effects that single parenting can have on kids.  Kids raised in a one parent household develop stronger bonds with their parent than kids raised by both parents.  They also develop a stronger sense of community due to the extra support system required by a single parent.  Finally, children of single parents are more likely to take on responsibility in the home and otherwise, often picking up the slack caused by the absence of a second parent.Effects of Single Parents on CommunitySingle parent households tend to bring communities together.  Because parents raising children alone need more support than regular families, they tend to reach out more to others.  Single mothers are much more likely to rely on church friends, teachers, librarians, and other trusted members of the community.  Likewise, these trusty members of the community can be relied upon to open their hearts and offer their hand in helping single parents raise their children.  The strengthened bonds that are so apparent between single parents and their children serve as a template for even two-parent households to help them reinforce personal relationships with their own children.Effects of Single Parenting on the ParentsRaising children alone can be very challenging.  Not only is the parent now solely responsible for financially supporting the children, but also for serving as both a mother and a father.  Parents may find themselves working hard to balance a job, their child-rearing duties and a personal life.  Most single parents are able to find this balance in one way or another.  One of the most apparent effects of single parenting on the adults involved is that they truly become masters in the art of juggling.  Of course single parenting can be stressful, and this fact mustn’t be ignored, but most single parents are able to find healthy or even creative outlets for this stress so that negative effects of single parenting can be minimized.  It can be said that the effects of single parenting on children, the community and parents are both negative and positive.  By focusing on and reinforcing the possible positive effects, the negative effects can be minimized and overshadowed.

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