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How to Get Pregnant Naturally Using Exercise to Lose Weight and Increase Fertility

If you are thinking about getting pregnantsoon, moderate exercise is one of the best things you can do to prepareyour body. Not only does exercise promote overall physical health,having a healthy weight increases the chances of getting pregnant.Being overweight can create hormonal imbalances that can causeirregular or non-existent periods. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a knowncause of infertility in women and a common symptom of women with thiscondition is being overweight. Studies show that losing as little as10% of weight can increase fertility chances. Exercise is essential tolosing weight. If you are new to exercise, consider these ten fun waysto get out and burn some calories. Exercise #1 - WalkingWalking is a safe, non-impact way to burn calories. Whether you walk ona treadmill or walk on the beach, you'll be burning calories. Make sureyou are walking fast enough so that your heart is pumping at its targetrate. Exercise #2 - Running Running is a more efficientway to burn calories than walking, as you can burn more calories inless amount of time when running. Find a running club in your area andrunning could end up being a great social outlet as well. Exercise #3 - SwimmingEasy on the knees, but strenuous enough to burn those calories,swimming is a great option for exercise. Whether you are dipping in thepool gym or paddling in the ocean to catch some waves, swimming can bea great way to add exercise to your routine. Exercise #4 - Weight TrainingWeight training is a way to burn calories when you aren't exercising.When you lift weights, you are breaking down muscle. As the musclebuilds back up after your workout is over, you are burning calories.Ultimately, weight training three times a week combined withcardiovascular exercise five or six times a week is the best exercisecombination for weight loss. Exercise #5 - Biking Bikingis another efficient way to burn calories. You can ride a stationarybike at the gym or hop on a ten-speed and hit the hills. Either way,you are going to get a baby-ready body by biking. Exercise #6 - Yoga The exercise choice of Hollywood, the stars swear that yoga can get bodies in shape quickly. Exercise #7 - Group ClassesAerobics, kickboxing, Pilates, and spinning are just a few of the groupclass available at gyms across the country. They are a great way toexercise with friends, who might encourage you to go when you don'tfeel like it. Exercise #8 - Dancing Dancing is a bigcalorie burner. If you can't bear the thought of stepping in a gym andjust thinking about going for a run makes you sweat, then take updancing. Exercise #9 - Roller Blading Popular years ago,roller blading is a great form of exercise. It isn't quite as efficientas running, but it comes close. Dust your old pair off and take themout for a spin. You just might enjoy yourself. Exercise #10 - HikingHiking is a wonderful way to exercise and forget that is what you aredoing. If you live near beautiful hiking trails, try hiking as yourform of exercise. No matter what kind of exercise you choose,listening to your favorite music can help make the time go faster. Andspeaking of time, make sure you are exercising long enough to burn yourgoal calories for the day. Finally, don't forget that even withexercise, you have to eat properly, otherwise that exercise won't do abit of good.

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