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The Best Places to People Watch In The Entire World

One of the great joys on earth is people watching. There is nothingmore interesting, intriguing, and dare I say it, dramatic, thenwatching people go about their everyday life. This isn’t about justseeing what type of women’s or men’s jewelrythey are wearing or what kind of mood they are in (also, this isn’t astalking thing- no one is being creepy with this), this is aboutobserving people in their natural habitat and picking watching people’snatural instincts guide them through certain situations. One of the greatest places to people watch is at theme parks. Themeparks such as Disneyland or Disney World contain such an interestingcross section of people: rich, poor, couples, new families, singlepeople, etc. If anything, watching a family dynamic is absolutelyintriguing. Usually one of the parents takes the “fun” role while theother one is forced to take the “sane” role. In other words, one parentis going to be the one who is taking the kids on all the rides whilethe other will have to be the one who is going to deny the childrenthat overpriced plastic sword they want. Just grab a chair and watchthe tantrums explode. Another great place to watch a variety of peopleis at beaches. At the beach you can watch parents run after theirchildren, guy’s attempting to impress ladies (while sucking in theirgut), self conscious women attempting to show that they have nointerest in the guys and of course attractive people trying to actoverly sexy. Just remember to bring some sunscreen. Sporting events feature some of the most interesting people in thewhole wide world: super fans. We aren’t talking casual fans here, weare talking fans that paint their face team colors, buy a $200 jerseyand get to a game four hours early to get drunk in the parking lot.Also, if they drag their significant others, you can watch them getself conscious about their husbands and pressure them to go home early.Plus, if their team loses: depressionville. Concerts also feature some amazing chances to watch super fans inaction. May it be metal, punk, pop or even classical, fans love to comeout early, dressed in their band t-shirts, get a few drinks and getexcited for their favorite artists to perform. Some of these fans bringposters, flowers, stuffed animals, or anything else you could imagineon the off chance they meet their idol. If you’re not in a hurry to getout of the parking lot, you should hang around a little bit and go bythe artists exit to see the super fans try and meet their heroes. Then,if the artist does come out, watch the super fans implode and not knowwhat to do with themselves. That, my friends, is just magic.

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