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Knowing More About the Fire Marshal

Often you would notice that there are, apart from the members of the fire brigade, other people who help spread awareness about fire damage and how to prevent such occurrences. A fire marshal is a person who is generally connected to the local fire brigade. However, he can easily be connected to the building department, or have his own department, depending on the amount of requirement. The reason why a fire marshal is important is because he enforces certain codes which help maintain these codes, and often investigate when these codes have been violated. In a lot of cases it has been seen that these people were previously associated with the law enforcement, which helps them analyze and dissect easily. There are a few duties which a fire marshal does. These are as follows: 1.    Enforce fire codes2.    Investigate possible causes of fire3.    Investigate suspecting arson4.    Enforce laws regarding fire in public5.    Assist in writing codes for the departmentOne of the very important things which fire marshals do is write new codes which are then added to the city laws. These codes are very important, and enforce safety from fire. This is why their role is extremely important in both the fire department and the jurisdiction. They enforce certain rules that help citizens of a particular area limit their risks of running into severe fire risks.Another thing that is consistently done is investigating possible causes of fire and such hazards. This is why, in New York, there are more than a 100 fire marshals specializing in arson-related insurance frauds investigation. They are more closely associated to the police department than the fire brigade and carry weapons that can hurt and maim, or even kill people if need be. Overall, fire marshals have different functions depending on the state in US or Canada you are in. in some states there are no fire marshals present, and in some their numbers raise to a hundred, or more. it depends on the crime scenario and the authoritative capacity, which determines the overall power play.

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