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The Time of The New Year Is Family Time

It is time to celebrate the New Year. It is so exciting to be able to do away with the old bad habits and start over again. The New Year is also a time to be thankful for the past years and reflect on things that need to be changed. It is a time to pull out last year's goals and see if any of them were met. If they were not met then write down a strategy to meet the goals for the next year. The New Year is also a good time to reflect on family and priorities.In today's society many people are focused on money, technology and going green. Yes, money is important to get the needs and wants we all desire. Technology is important because it keeps the economy going. Taking care of the environment is important because everyone wants to be able to breathe oxygen. Focusing on those three subjects is very important but what about the future of the people? It takes people to have the three items listed. If no one is here to operate them then what is the point? Spending family time will also help shape the future.The news is heartbreaking because crimes are being committed by people younger and younger. Teens are being trialed as adults more than ever. The family is falling apart. It may sound cheesy, but it is important to sit down at the table and eat with the children. Also, having one night a week specifically for family time is a good idea. Getting to know the kids is the only way to keep them focused for their future. Kids deal with a lot these days and if parents walk around naive then many kids are going to slip through the cracks. They are going to slip through to teenage pregnancy or drugs, even robbing and stealing people. Parents have to date their children the same way they date people their age.Even the most wonderful parents could use a little or a lot of help from others to steer their kids in the right direction. The parent can get the child involved in positive activities like sports and church. There are many community programs that help mentor young kids whose parents can not do it. If there is a couple who does not have children then they can volunteer to be mentors for children. Having time with other members of the family like grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins is a good way to connect. The connection builds a bond and everyone will have someone to turn to when in need. This way the children will always have someone to talk to when the parents will not listen. No matter how it gets done family time should be made a priority this year. Every child should have a chance to have a family because of the love to be found there. It is very important to the future of this country and the earth.

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