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GE Power Pro X500-BK Digital Camera Review

With all the choices there are in picking the right digital camera, one may have a tough time deciding on which one to go for. Although there may be minimum considerations, it will be better of course, to go for a digital camera that offers features that most users look for. Considering this, the GE Power Pro X500-BK may be a good option, considering that it is jam packed with features.Since the invention of the digital cameras, the primary consideration on which is better than the other is the camera's megapixels. In this case, the GE Power Pro X500-BK may be one of those who leads the pack. To begin with, having a 16 MP camera is sure a big deal, as the normal and average megapixel rate plays around 12 to 14. Having a camera with this much megapixels means that each shot taken with the camera ensures a detailed quality picture, and the details taken with it as well. This kind of camera then is sure to have your pictures come out just the way you've taken them.15X Optical ZoomAside from the 16 MP resolution of the GE Power Pro X500-BK, this camera also boasts a 15x Optical Zoom. The optical zoom feature of a camera dictates the length of distance the camera's lens can shoot at. Then, given the 15x optical zoom of this gadget, the user is sure to be able to point at and shoot at other distant objects.Wide 2.7 inch Bright LCD screenAfter having shot at pictures, the camera also enables to users to view the pictures taken just right. Complying with rather the standard when it comes to the LCD perimeters, the camera has a 2.7 inch bright LCD screen. This feature then ensures that no image zooming may be necessary if one wants to view the images clearly. Also, there is the auto Brightness Adjustment which adjusts the camera's LCD screen for better detail in light and dark scenes.Image stabilization and moreMuch like most cameras in store nowadays, the GE Power Pro X500-BK boasts an image stabilization feature; which means that even when the user's hands may be shaky, the pictures are still to come out with clearly and without the unwanted blurs. Aside from this, there is also the face auto exposure, auto scene feature and smile detection which allows the shutter to be automatically released when the subject's smile appears.BatteriesThe battery though differs from other digital cameras as the GE Power Pro X500-BK is not equipped with the rechargeable ones, and requires a A.A. battery. This though, may cause the user some inconvenience and may incur more expenses. However, the same may be dealt with, given an additional purchase of rechargeable batteries.Then so if you are looking for a powerful camera packed with basic features, the GE Power Pro X500-BK may be a good option. The device is user-friendly too, so no need to be a techie to get to use it properly.

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