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Convert 2D to 3D

When you start to convert 2D to 3D the first step is to obtain a set of 2D Blueprints, and then convert it with 3D CAD software into a 3D model. This normally starts with a conceptual design by some company who wants some type of item created. It could be a custom hood for someone's car or a part for the motor itself. CAD drafting services can provide the purchaser with the necessary 3D models they need to be taken to a CNC machinist or maybe someone who specializes in injection molding. These molds can be used for such things as carbon fiber, or fiberglass and can create a part from the mold designed by the 3D model.   CAD or Computer Aided Drafting is the new standard when it comes to drafting and all the fields within it. With this CAD software you can input dimensions from 2D blueprints with special commands and tools to create 3D models. The days of the drafting table, and draftsmen standing over these drafting boards is over. The need for ruler's, the compass, and triangles is done, and all of these tools and more are incorporated into this CAD drafting software which makes the job much more precise and easy. Once the drafter has completed a 3d model with CAD he can send the files to special CNC machines that will create whatever was modeled.   When you convert 2D to 3D make sure you use a good and well recognized CAD drafting service. In most cases you can simply look online for either a local, or online CAD drafting company. Don't forget 2D blueprints have to be completely accurate for the 3D CAD models to come out exactly how you want them. Most CAD companies will work with you if your 2D to 3D conversion has problems that weren't foreseen at the beginning of the CAD Conversion. If you would like to learn more about CAD drafting services or how to convert 2D to 3D visit eLine Design. If You would like to learn more about the CAD Design Process Click Here-Invention & Prototype Design Services

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