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Application of Silicon powder

The 2um up to 60-70% of silica powder for export grade medicinal chlorobutyl rubber stopper and used to good effect in the electrical insulating rubber shoes. Silicon powder as filler in the production of imitation leather, products, strength, elongation, flexibility and other technical indicators are better than the precipitated calcium carbonate, activated calcium carbonate, the activity of pyrophyllite and inorganic materials such as filler production products. Silica powder instead of refined clay, light carbonated levy and other powder materials used in battery plastic shell, and fill up to 65%, and process performance. Received the plastic shell products, with a smooth appearance, hardness, acid corrosion resistance, voltage, heat distortion and impact resistance and other physical and mechanical properties meet or exceed the technical indicators. The activity of silica powder is ideal enhancer of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other products, not only have a greater amount of fill, and tensile strength. Made masterbatch for PVC floor tile, you can improve the wear resistance of products. Silica powder used in olefin resin film of its powder is uniformly dispersed, the film is good, strong mechanical properties, compare PCC to do the filler production of plastic film barrier infrared transmittance of more than 10% reduction, promotion of agricultural greenhouse film applications is extremely favorable. The foreskin wire and cable and other fields can also be used. Small particles of silica powder, high purity, easy to melt in the system for glass production, a short time, products such as borosilicate instrument glass, sodium intrinsic physical and chemical properties and appearance quality of the instrument glass, neutral vessels, and other products are of an appropriate standard, and this the same time, the production of energy-saving effect is particularly significant. Furthermore, in accordance with the silica powder has a fine grain size and uniformity of the specific surface area characteristics for glass fiber direct wire drawing process, greatly improve the glass fiber with the material are the degree and speed up the furnace the glass speed. Drawing of stability is better than a glass ball drawing process, and has significant energy savings and reduce the production cost effect. As an energy mineral raw materials, silica powder used in ceramic industry, also received the desired effect of lowering the sintering temperature and improve the yield. With the development of modern technologies by metal powder supplier, surface treatment of the material requirements of a higher and more refined, and the increasingly widespread in our application. Microsilica because of its particles close to the circular, prepared ultrafine powder superfine, grading, after modification of the metal parts washing abrasive applications such as washing bearings, finish up more than 3.0, better than the display of similar products. In addition to the semiconductor industry, precision valves, hard disk, head polishing, car polishes are very good results. Use the microsilica unique functionality to replace the precipitated barium sulfate, talc, used for the preparation of blending paint, primer, etc. (the amount of 6-15%) not only serve to fill the compatibilizing effect, but also for improving paint fineness leveling properties, film hardness, reduce the paint grinding time and paint, water-resistant, anti-rust, corrosion resistance and paint dispersion, paint storage stability effects are significant. Furthermore, the melt film coating of the silica powder, water, surfactant and water according to certain proportion, due to its low viscosity, no charge hanging phenomenon easy to use features, precision casting quality paint. For cabinet finishes with excellent decorative effect and corrosion resistance.Source: http://www.mhcmp.com

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