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Getting Pregnant During Ovulation - 5 Surefire Ways to Predict Your Ovulation Dates

Ovulation is the time during a woman's menstrualcycle when an egg is released from an ovary and travels down thefallopian tube. Once the egg is released, there is a 24-hour periodduring which the egg is viable for fertilization. If sperm does notfertilize the egg during that time, conception will not occur.Therefore, the most important task in timing a planned pregnancy is topredict the dates you are going to ovulate. Because you do not have awindow into your uterus, you can't see when that egg has been released.However, there are some pretty accurate methods to figuring out whenyou will be ovulating.Ovulation Predictor #1 - Count the DaysWomen with regular periods can predict their dates of ovulationfairly accurately. Usually, ovulation occurs 10 to 14 days after awoman begins the first day of her period. Marking down day one of thestart of your period and then counting 10 to 14 days after that is thesimplest way to predict when you are going to ovulate.Ovulation Predictor #2 - Take a Home TestYour local pharmacies now carry ovulation predictor tests. Theywork in much the same way as a pregnancy test does. You hold a stick inyour urine stream and the stick will then give you a positive ornegative ovulation result. These tests are useful if you have fairlyregular cycles and you want extra reassurance for schedulingintercourse for conception. You take a test around the time that youthink you are ovulating, and the test can confirm your prediction.However, the accuracy of these tests sometimes leaves something to bedesired, as they can provide false negatives. Additionally, theovulation predictor tests can be very costly if your cycles areirregular and you have no idea approximately when you will ovulate.Ovulation Predictor #3 - Check Your Basal Body TemperatureTaking your basal body temperature with a basal thermometer is amore accurate and less expensive way of predicting ovulation. Basalthermometers are inexpensive and can be purchased at pharmacies.Because basal temperatures rise ever so slightly, you cannot monitorthem with a regular thermometer. Take your temperature as soon as youwake in the morning, and keep track of the daily recordings. When yousee the temperatures start to rise you'll know that you are gettingclose to ovulating.Ovulation Predictor #4 - Note Any Type of Body DiscomfortMany women can feel a change in their bodies when they are gettingready to ovulate. Some women can feel a slight swelling in theirovaries when they gently press on that area. Other women feel aslightly uncomfortable, bloating-type of feeling when they are gettingready to ovulate. If you fall into this category, consider yourselfsomewhat lucky because you can tell without a whole lot of effort whenyou are ovulating.Ovulation Predictor #5 - Evaluate Your Cervical MucusWhile this may be the least desirable of the prediction methods,many women are convinced this is the best way to predict ovulation.When you are close to ovulation, the cervical mucus changes inconsistency. It will go from cloudy to clear and it will becomestretchy. If you check the mucus every day, you will become skilled atnoting the changes and you can tell when you are ovulating.Predictingovulation cannot always be done with 100% accuracy, but you can getclose to determining the dates so that you can time your intercourseand massively increase your chances of pregnancy faster!

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