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The Furniture Challenge Of A Small Space

Adjustment to life in a small space requires a change in a basic mindset. Traditional furniture will not longer work in a space that will not accommodate it. When one finds themselves facing the prospect of living in a small space it will require some careful consideration and pre-planning to make the living area comfortable and inviting.By deciding what the necessities of a comfortable living arrangement are and discarding traditional furniture and individual is ready to find furniture that will work for them in a small space. This will involve finding furniture that can perform several functions besides the one that it may have been delegated to in it's traditional role. Most furniture that is specifically designed for small spaces is styled to be fashionable and serve many purposes. This is primarily due to the fact that more and more people are finding themselves living in smaller spaces. But the needs of the individual for comfort do not change. Furniture manufacturers realized this and have designed and built today's furniture accordingly.Small spaces require furniture that will fit comfortably against a wall or in a a corner leaving some space at the end of the piece. By purchasing fewer and smaller pieces a room will automatically seem larger. Therefore, one needs to find furniture that is comfortable but still multi-functional. When purchasing a table it should have storage space instead of the standard legs as well as a light feature. Sleeping arrangements are very important in a small space because a bed cannot be left unmade in a one room apartment. When purchasing furniture to sleep on it is important to keep in mind that if the individual is not someone who automatically makes a bed or puts things away it is important that the furniture accommodate this characteristic. There are beds made that do not require 'making' to look like the sofas that they are. Pillows that double as sofa throw pillows reduce the clutter that occurs when there are too many small items lying around on the floor.Designate a comfortable seating area in a corner or against a wall in the space with a small pillow and mat. The area will become the focal point for visitors and a comfortable area to rest and relax. By adding a cube ottoman that doubles as a storage area there will be an extra place for visitors and guests to sit as well as a place to put clothing or other belongings.Accessorizing a small space requires a minimalistic approach. Clusters of photos or pictures tend to make a room look smaller while a few photos or pictures spread across a wall strategically make a room look larger. In addition, when one wall is painted a focal color the room will look smaller. In a small space if the wall color is kept neutral and the objects used as color points the room will look larger.All items that sit on something such as a television, bookcase, lamp, etc., should be sitting on a storage area with pull out drawers. One of the mistakes many people make is to buy plastic storage tubs. It is must more cost effective to buy furniture that is designed especially for storage. This may be a larger investment but it will add to the feeling of a spacious and comfortable space.

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