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Wedding Scrapbook Layout Ideas

More and more people are setting up virtual scrapbooks to record key events. For instance, you can create an entire virtual book with photos and content from a wedding. If you are considering making a digital scrapbook for yourself, the first thing you have to think about is the layout. Here are some ideas to help you get started.Idea 1: Central theme on all pages.Idea 2: Neat spread across both sides.Idea 3: Well organized fashion.Idea 4: Haphazard layout.Idea 5: Separate photos and texts.Idea 1: Central theme on all pages.For this layout, pick a central theme. For example, you can have a romantic theme or you can choose a setting that both you and your spouse is familiar with. Once you have a chosen theme, the rest is easy. Prepare all sorts of photo and texts related to the theme. That will help with the decoration of the scrapbook.Idea 2: Neat spread across both sides.The key here is to remain neat at all times. But your photos are so huge that they take up both pages at once. Usually, you only want key moments in such photos. Since the images are spread across 2 pages, that means you have limited space. So choose wisely. You may wish to create virtual frames for the photos.Idea 3: Well organized fashion.If you don't want to have such huge pictures spread across the book, you can always work on a page by page basis. Choose some of your most precious wedding photographs, and then organize them into different pages. Keep in mind the total number of pages that you wish to create. You can design each page separately, or according to a central theme (see idea 1). Idea 4: Haphazard layout.Of all the layouts, this is the most fun. Forget about being organized! The goal here is to be as messy as possible. Sometimes, it's hard to get creative when you try to be too organized. So the best way to get creative is to let the creative juices flow! Don't restrain yourself. Try placing pictures and texts randomly to see what comes up. You may get totally unexpected results that may be to your liking. Idea 5: Separate photos and texts.You may not want your images and texts to be jumbled up together. If that's the case, try separating the pictures and the texts. Place the photos on the left page, and all the texts on the right hand side. That will create a more consistent layout. Those who are browsing the scrapbook know what to expect when they flip the pages.When creating layouts for your scrapbook, don't be afraid to try out new things. For instance, you can always try using bold colors to see if the design turn out right. If you don't like the design, you can always change it later on. Most importantly, remember to have fun when creating your scrapbook!

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